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  • Henry Vii's Achievements

    him with peace. On the other hand, some historians believe that Henry VII’s real sole achievement was to put both England’s finances and troublesome nobility in order, thus laying foundation for future Tudor glories. This is shown when Alexander Grant says “Most important revolution of the period was surely the restoration of a high degree of peace and stability throughout most of the country.” This suggest that the methods he had used to achieved to make this work; had to avoid war, the extent of bonds and recognisances imposed on nobility, which were forcefully pursed by many. In addition, although going through this process does help improve the country, it can may also may make the country look weak as they are avoiding war which kind of implies that they don’t want to fight as they may know that they will lose; this kind of behaviour would humiliate the citizens of England as they would like to portray the country to look strong, making them dislike their ruler. However, they did make peace and stability through this avoidance, so it may have been worth it in Henry VII opinion. This evidence shows that the extent of this assessment goes average because even though Henry did manage to complete the targets of peace and nobility, he did this for the foundation for future Tudor glories, which implies that he did this to create a royal dynasty for his future family. This suggests that he may have done this for Henry VIII who is taking the throne after him; it also links to…

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  • Commentary On Maya Vasquez´s How To Get Away With Murder

    The show opens with a fast forward to the final episode of the season, similar to season one of How to Get Away with Murder (Robinson, 2015). A station wagon is seen flying down a dirt road and we see the three main characters (who are inside the car) looking behind them in a panic. Without any further context it will cut to the opening credit sequence which are panoramic shots of New Mexico, inspired by the opening scene of chapter 39 of House of Cards (Buchman, 2015). In the pilot episode, the…

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  • Six Feet Under Analysis

    In the series Six Feet Under, the underlying color scheme is muted and cold. The strategic use of color in the series coincides with the underlying theme of death throughout the show. The first instance of the dark color scheme is shown during the show’s theme song, in the theme song there are many items that appear in gray, brown, and white colors. The flowers in the opening song of the show start off with bright green and pink colors, which quickly turn to dark brown dull colors as the flowers…

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  • Marriage Relationships In Tudor Political Drama By Winkelman

    Marriage Relationships in Tudor Political Drama looks at court dramas from Tudor England (1485 - 1603) to put together a historical account on political theatre. Winkelman argues that “court interludes constituted a vital medium for interventionist advocacy about matrimony.” (201) He takes Tudor marriages as his main point of study to discern the role of court productions in influencing politics. Winkelman believes that theatrical productions correspond with the political concerns of the time so…

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  • Alexander Mcqueen Analysis

    It is a shell of pure silk organza that is moulded with boning and draped with real and embroidered silk flowers. Flowers are seen as an arrangement and an analogy for the conciseness of life. The flowers used on the dress represent a garden; hence, the colours used could mean that it is a bouquet of roses. Mostly, a bouquet of roses has different colours such as purple which signifies a love that is most delicate as well as confidence. One also finds flowers of different shades of pink which…

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  • Jasmine: Flowers, A Symbolism Of Love

    Jasmine Flowers have always been a symbol of love. It defines the beauty of nature as well. Among flowers, there are certain kinds which have prominent status. Jasmine is one of them. Because of its beauty, fragrance and appearance it always inspired poets and writers to use this particular flower as a metaphor for the expression of their love. The word jasmine has been used differently in different ages. But its eternal meaning didn’t change with different cultures. In literary term,…

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  • Explanations: Propeller Crab

    Explanations Animals 1.) Fiddler Crab-I knew that this animal was a fiddler crab because of its habitat. It lived in the mud in my back yard that is part of the intercostal. I also knew it was a fiddler crab because of its huge claw resembling a fiddle, hence its name. 2.) Millipede-I knew this was millipede because it had 2 pairs of legs on each body segment, attached to the underside of its body. It also had spiracles on the underside of its body. Plants 1.) Rose-I knew this was a rose…

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  • Asphodel That Greeny Flower Poetry Analysis

    Flowers beautify the world and bring joy to those in it. Some people become inspired by flowers and write, sing, and talk about them. All of the literature that comes from flowers evokes many different emotions and touches on many different topics. Sometimes the writings can stem from sadness, enjoyment, forgiveness, or jealousy. Many of the greats of literature have written about flowers and used them to explore topics and themes that others may not touch upon. The poems “Asphodel, That Greeny…

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  • A Bad Encounter Essay

    was a bouquet roses. They were bright yellow and hot pink roses and the edges of the petals were lined with silver glitter. I didn’t have a boyfriend at this time so this was much unexpected. There in the middle of the roses was a cherry red, sparkly envelope with my name written on it in big letters.…

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  • Like Water For Chocolate In The Novel Like Water For Chocolate

    single for life. Later on, Tita went to go find Nacha and she discovered her dead, her eyes wide open, medical leaves upon her temples, and a picture of her fiancé in her hands. The next chapter takes place in March and focuses on the recipe Quail in Rose Petal Sauce. After Nacha’s death, it is now Tita’s responsibility to be the head cook. Pedro brings her a bouquet of roses for her new position. Rosaura, now pregnant with her first child, sees Pedro give Tita roses and she immediately runs…

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