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  • Essay On European Renaissance

    There comes a time when people put the pathway of religion on hold and open the door for a new era, an era of creativity and change. That era defines the European Renaissance. From its beginning and purpose, to the taking place of literature, and the great people and legacy it left behind, is the reason the european Renaissance was a time of great change. The European Renaissance was about the change from all about religion to focusing on other values and things. “The Renaissance was a time…

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  • Analysis: The Accomplishments Of Jean Jacques Rousseau

    The Accomplishments of Jean Jacques Rousseau Jean Jacques Rousseau was one of the few people who could be considered as a jack of all trades. He was a philosopher, author, and composer, and he also dabbled in botany and mathematics. He produced many wonderful works in his lifetime and had made several important contributions to music, literature, and political philosophy. His professional success belied the difficult childhood that he had. His mother died a few days after he was born, and his…

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  • Leonardo And Aquarium Comparison

    The Leonardo and the Aquarium are both great museums, but there are many differences, while there are also many things in common. Today I will be comparing and contrasting the Leonardo and the Aquarium. These two museums are full of many fun things to do, Let's start with The Leonardo. The Leonardo is a large museum up in Salt Lake City. The exterior of this building looks very interesting. It has large flat pillar like structures panning around the building, some with interesting designs and…

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  • The Mona Lisa Humanism

    between the 14th and 17th century in Italy is known as the Renaissance time or by definition "rebirth". The philosophy that took place in the period is one of the humanism or the focus on the human being. One of the master artists of this time is Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) and one of the paintings that best represents the philosophy and art of this period is the Mona Lisa. The philosophy of humanism brought on a time where the focus was on the human being. The previous philosophy of the…

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  • Florentine Sandro Botticelli Primavera Analysis

    One artwork I do not find particularly attractive is the Battista Sforza and Federico da Montefeltro, by Piero Della Francesca. The paintings, in my opinion, are not interesting to look upon. The colors are bland, the exception being the male figure's clothing, which is a red color. Most of the colors fall within a neutral hue. The sky…

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  • Essay On Leonarda Cianciulli

    Leonarda Cianciulli was born on April fourteenth, of 1894. She was born in Montella Italy. Her and her family grew up in the streets of Italy. She also attended a high school in Italy. Leonarda seemed like a normal teenage girl. She went to school and did everything she was suppose too. Her home life seemed normal just like an other family. Secretly leonarda had a self struggle of being sad and depressed while she was growing up. Twice as a young girl, she tried committing suicide. Her life…

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  • Italian Renaissance Art Analysis

    Art is influenced by everything around it, it comes as a direct result of the cultural sphere it occurs within. The Italian group of painters known as the Macchiaioli are no different from this rule, during the nineteenth-century they took outside influences to create a new esthetic that reflected their personal ideals. Although how independently this new esthetic came about, and who influenced them directly can varied. Depending on the point of view of the author writing on the Macchiaioli,…

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  • Lucas Cranach's Venus: Roman Goddess Of Love And Beauty

    In 1532, Lucas Cranach crafted a painting entitled Venus. This piece of art represents that of the Northern Renaissance. During the Renaissance, art was still heavily focused on spirituality, including mythology. The painting Venus depicts the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty. Venus is the Roman equivalent to the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Both goddesses were commonly portrayed in art due to their perceived beauty and appeal. The figure’s beauty is portrayed through the features of her body,…

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  • Humanism: The Philosophies Of The Renaissance

    The Renaissance-interval “rebirth” refers to a time in European history from the 1300s until 1600s, when academics began to take interest in the artwork, literature, architecture and science of ancient Rome and Greece. Humanists (scholars of the Renaissance) placed humans (hence the name) at all elemental centers of their cultures. Beginning in Italy and extended through the rest of Europe, the philosophies of the Renaissance-interval had a noteworthy footprint on many forms of cultures, known…

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  • Michael Gelb's How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci

    person the Medici family provided patronage to was an inventor, artist, engineer, and writer named Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci had an unmeasurable impact upon the Renaissance and the way he approached life still is of use for leaders today. There is no better example of genius and a person whom embodied humanism. Michael Gelb, author of How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci, describes seven Da Vincian approaches to life. Even though these approaches are geared toward a personal approach to the…

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