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  • Hubert Painting Analysis: The Fire Of Rome

    Ramiro Quezada Professor Buhanan Humanities 5 December 2017 Beyond Human Scale While The Fire of Rome (see fig. 1) denotes a clash of two elite forces, community and natural elements, the painting also serves as an introduction for Hubert’s redshifted career. Hubert received influence that drastically shifted his career when he resided in Rome from 1754 to 1766. In this time, Hubert developed a relationship with Panini and more importantly, Piranesi that consequently advanced Hubert’s…

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  • Paul Emile Bordu

    Research Summary The Painting I chose for this research is “Byzantine nun and priest by Paul Emile Borduas. My research process started off with trying to figure out what the painting meant without actually looking it up. I attempted to find who, what, where, when and how from visual information only. When officially started to research about "Byzantine nun and priest," I couldn't find much information about the painting itself but more about the artist's life. Finding sources that were…

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  • What Were Leonardo's Major Accomplishments

    The Renaissance was a time of great change, and reform throughout most of Europe. It saw the emergence of many ‘realistic’ artists, humanists, and technological/scientifical advancements. Leonardo Da Vinci, was arguably the most well know painter and inventor of the Renaissance era. Leonardo was not just a simple artisan of the era, he was a deep philosophical thinker and was diversely talented. To some degree, he was ahead of his time, not only in his dramatic realism of painting, but also in…

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci Art Analysis

    Leonardo Da Vinci created some of the most iconic works of art throughout his career in painting. Those works of art include The Last Supper and Mona Lisa, these being his two most famous works. Since the 1500s copious amounts of money have been spent on protecting and restoring these works of art to ensure that future generations get to experience the artistry of Leonardo Da Vinci. These two works of art are greatly valued because they represent Da Vinci's passion for art, experimentation, and…

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  • M. C. Escher's Metamorphosis In Day And Night

    M.C. Escher was a Dutch artist who created over 448 original pieces, and spent over thirty years perfecting his techniques. He weaves complicated concepts and images together, creating the style that represents him and his works. Escher uses many techniques like wood cut, transferring, and the use of 2D and 3D ideas, to make his pieces what they are. In Escher’s pieces Metamorphosis I-IV and Day and Night he demonstrates how everything and everyone is connected, and how change is inevitable. Day…

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  • Aurora Hair Color Essay

    Want To Look Hot? Try Out Aurora Hair Colors. Overview Hair coloring has been on the rise in the recent past. Some people are coloring their hair to improve their self esteem; other may do it to match their personalities while still others may be looking to try out new things. Whatever the reason, the main aim is to look fabulous. There is thus need to ensure that the colors that you go for make you stand out, in a good way. In the recent past, aurora hair colors have been taking the…

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci Statement That The High Renaissance

    (Kleiner 2007:577), the beginning of Humanism and “economic prosperity” (Kleiner 2007:577) nourished the beginning of the artistic culture, the Renaissance. It was a period where great, ambitions projects were made through famous artists: Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo (Harris & Zucker © 2016). It was the rebirth of the classical art. According to the High Renaissance Art article on an online source, the High Renaissance was “represents the accepted apogee of Renaissance art - the period…

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  • Sandro Botticelli And Leonardo Da Vinci's Art

    For a long years, many artist have been creating, looking for, criticizing, and enjoying art. A lot of artist have been famous by their art, like Vincent Van Gogh or Leonardo da Vinci. And now I’m going to introduce 3 artists, which are Sandro Botticelli, Giovanni Piranesi, and Dominique Ingres and explain 3 arts from each artist. First artist is Sandro Botticelli. Who is Sandro Botticelli? He was a famous Italian Painter on the early renaissance. Renaissance is the art that influence by…

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  • Thomas Alva Edison's Accomplishments

    Thomas Alva Edison possessed a tremendous amount of skills as an inventor and dedicated a great amount of time and efforts in his laboratory. Edison realized at a young age that creating and inventing intrigued him. He drafted a great amount of notebooks containing sketches, ideas, and explanations for his inventions. His ambitions and aspirations led Edison to own many companies and accumulate over 1,000 patents for his inventions. As an inventor, Thomas grew up with a mindset that he would…

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  • Public Artwork

    There are many artists well recognized around the world for the marvelous works they have done as individuals. The two artists that caught my eye in the early stages of the course were Tom Otterness and Magdalena Abakanowicz. Their artwork just stood out the most among their colleagues to me. In this essay, I shall speak about their backgrounds and some of their artworks that they have produced throughout the years. Tom Otterness was born in Wichita, Kansas in 1952. He moved to New York City in…

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