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  • The Theory Of Deindividuation In The Stanford Prison Experiment

    The Stanford Prison Experiment (August 1971) was conducted by Philip Zimbardo and his peers at Stanford University to investigate the effects of 24 physically and mentally healthy male college students becoming guards or prisoners. One of the key elements present throughout the experiment was deindividuation, the loss of one’s sense of individuality. In deindividuation, the social identity consumes an individual completely in order for group norms to be maximally accessible. The central…

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  • Analysis Of Kathy Page's Clients

    In “Clients” by Kathy Page, we see how capitalism can take control of people’s lives and forget some of the simplest things, such as social interaction and the sentimental value of one another. In this story we are shown a couple that seems to be always out of time and unable to interact or lost the ability to communicate. They resort to hiring Martin, a conversationalist and therapist to generate the thought process and help teach them how to communicate with each other once again. In the end,…

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  • Socially Necessary Labor-Time In Capital Volume One, By Karl Marx

    Beginning with Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations, bourgeois political economists have theorized that the value is a function of a worker’s labor. In Capital Volume One, Karl Marx illuminates this idea and adds nuances to it, explaining underlying relationships between labor and value. Namely, Marx introduces the concept of socially necessary labor-time and uses it as a point of departure for considering the links between labor, value, and material wealth. In Capital, Marx elucidates the…

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  • Camouflaging The Chimera Analysis

    The experience of the soldiers of the Vietnam War presents itself within the poems, “Camouflaging the Chimera” by Yusef Koumunyakaa and “A Piece of Sky without Bombs” by Lam Thi My Da. In Koumunyakaa’s poem, the author describes the experience of the American Soldiers as they travelled through the secluded jungles of Vietnam, waiting for the Vietcong to attack. The purpose of this poem is to highlight the experiences of a soldier in Vietnam, rather than just looking in from an outside…

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  • Analysis Of Das Boot

    confront its history. A notable example of this challenge is Germany after the events of World War II and the Holocaust. For German society, the current prevailing attitude is that a nation can only truly reckon with the past if they understand it. Das Boot is the perfect cultural representation of the idea that the only way Germany will be able to look to the future is through acknowledgement and realistic portrayal of the past. The modern confrontation with Germany’s Nazi past, like many…

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  • Truth And Deception In Brave New World By Aldous Huxley

    Karl Marx, a theorist who examined the societal values and orders, ultimately came to the conclusion that human history was composed of a level of struggles between different classes. The main motivator for humans is “historical materialism” which is associated with wealth, gain, and resources. Marx believed that when factories were created with no progress and investment, the workers just ended up getting poorer and poorer until there was no incentive to work. To fix this problem, Marx came up…

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  • Physical Literacy In Physical Education Essay

    The purpose of this review is to discuss the literature on national physical literacy interventions aimed at youth. The first section will address the definition of physical literacy (PL) and its philosophical roots, and the second section will develop the use of PL to guide several national sport and athletic performance development programs in youths, particularly in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom (UK). The final two sections provide a summary of evidence related to physical…

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  • Marx, Marxists, Or Post-Marx

    In this reflection, I combine the content of the two classes last week. First, I will give my reply to several questions that posted by the discussion leaders. Secondly, I summarize and present my thoughts to several discussion topics in class. And finally, I would like to posit my questions to Marx, Marxists, or Post-Marxist. For the class on Tuesday, one question we discussed was about the differences between money as capital and money as mere money. My own answer to this is that Marx…

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  • Marxism And Passivism

    Disease and degeneracy has taken place of the progression promised by the Enlightenment, there is discomfort present within modern society and its streamlining that has led to the world despair and nihilism. Modern mechanical social structure stands responsible for the capacity depletion of humanity to find meaning, and the increased intellectual sophistication is in fact a manifestation of a vane sense of egoism, bound to erupt violently. What was deemed to become the age of information has…

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  • Cost Paths Analysis Essay

    Figure 1 below illustrates the predicted route of the track as identified during the least cost paths analysis. The four parts of the route are shown: Punakiki to the ventilation shaft; shaft to the mine portal (lookout point); portal to the amenities area; and the ventilation shaft to Blackball. The results clearly illustrate it is possible to use cost paths modelling to identify a track. However, further assessment will be necessary around the aesthetic value of the track, to assess whether it…

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