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  • Astrophel And What Is Our Life Essay

    ABSTRACT Renaissance was a cultural and artistic movement which started off in Italy from the late fifteenth century to the early seventeenth century. After it started in Italy, spreads across European countries such as England and had an effect upon the literature of this period, so based on from here the purpose of this study was to search these effects in terms of poem’s theme, structure, aspects and some parts where poetry was influenced by renaissance in Elizabethan Age. The study analysed…

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  • How Did Raphael Vitruvius Influence Architecture

    Vitruvius also had an impact on other great artists like Michelangelo and Raphael. The artists both read Vitruvius’s De Architectura libri decem and would use the methods and ideology to construct their own art and architecture. Raphael would even make a translation for Vitruvius’s De Architectura libri decem in Italian in 1520. This shows the praise that Raphael had for Vitruvius’s work and highlights the importance he found in his work. Michelangelo was inspired as well, for example, he used…

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  • Benozzo's Influence On Art

    Benozzo Gozzoli was an influential Italian painter in the Renaissance. He helped impact art as we know it today in many ways. Some of his most acclaimed pieces included Madonna and Child Giving Blessings, Adoration of the Magi, and Women at the Tomb. His style of artwork was fresco which is a painting done expeditiously on wet plaster on a wall or ceiling with watercolor. Gozzoli was born around the year 1421 in a village in Italy called Sant’llaria a Colombano. His birth name was Benozzo…

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  • Donatello's Donato Di Niccolò Di Betto Bardi

    Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi , or more commonly known as Donatello(born around 1386 and died in 1466 in Florence), is considered to be one of the Renaissance’s most distinguished Italian artists and sculptors, with his advancements holding a great impact on the Renaissance and the development of art. Donatello’s works were mostly considered as breakthroughs or new discoveries. He was a humanist and a realist, he used more of a realistic approach instead of the gothic style other artists were…

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci's Influence On Modern Art

    Leonardo Da Vinci was an Italian polymath, which means that he was specialised into areas including: invention, painting, sculpting, architecture, science and other subjects related. Looking at his artisic side, he is recognised as one of the best painters, widely popular through his highly influencial paitings of the Renaissance such as the Last Supper or Mona Lisa, paintings which remained widely known until today. Fascinated by his wide range of specialized fields, I began taking an interest…

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  • Oath Of The Horatii And David's

    Paintings have been used as a representation of people since human race originated. Through time it has become very lifelike and realistic due to the advancement in materials and techniques used by some talented artists. This paper discusses two types of paintings through their similarities and differences, as the first one being David’s Oath of the Horatii, 1784. Oil on canvas, 10’ 10” * 13’ 11”. And, Goya’s The Third of May 1808, 1814. Oil on canvas, 8’ 9” * 13’ 4”. Both paintings were created…

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  • William Blake And Paul Klee Comparison

    Andy Warhol, Paul Klee and William Blake are amongst the best artists and illustrators that ever lived. In this essay I will talk about I will talk about several works from these artists and illustrators. There were two of William Blake’s illustration that I found interesting as I have never seen something like it before. Blake writes and illustrates his own poems. Both illustrations seen here incorporate the poems within them and in a way interact with the text. One can notice that these…

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  • Peter Paul Rubens: Renaissance And Baroque Artistry

    Thesis Peter Paul Rubens was an extraordinary artist developing masterpieces focused on Renaissance and Baroque artistry. Paragraph 1-- Life Peter Paul Rubens born in Seigen, Germany in 1577. His father, Jan Rubens, was a lawyer and a high ranked member of the counsel. His mother, Maria, was a strict Roman Catholic. His parents took Peter and his three siblings and moved away from Antwerp, to Netherlands to avoid religious conflicts. After Peter’s Father’s death in 1587, the family moved…

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci Research Paper

    loved science. According to the editors at History.com, that is why most people called him a true man of the Renaissance. Leonardo was born in Tuscany to his parents Caterina and Ser Periro. His mother and Father were never married and shortly after Da Vinci was born his Mother began a new life with a new man. Growing up, Leonardo only received very minor educational training in the subjects of reading, writing, and math. When he was 15 years old a sculptor took young Leonardo under his wing…

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  • The Renaissance: Nicolaus Copernicus

    The Renaissance was a time in Italy of rebirth with art, literature, and science (Frey 317). An advancement in the science field was astronomy. A great scientist named Nicolaus Copernicus had his theories and started up the growth of science in the Renaissance Era. Had it not been for Nicolaus Copernicus’ theories that the Sun was the center of the universe and that there is planetary motion, people would still think differently about the solar system we live in today. Nicolaus Copernicus’…

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