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  • Misunderstand Gangsta Rap Music Analysis

    Driving down the road or walking on the sidewalk, one might hear someone blasting their rap music, full of vulgar language and profanity, from their car. One might conclude the driver and their passengers are up to no good, or they are bad people. Instead of rushing to judgement, it is important to recognize the impact age, race and gender has on one’s opinion of music and one’s opinion of the people listening to or writing certain types of music. Rap music is primarily believed to be enjoyed by…

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  • Humor Against Racism

    Humor is The Greatest Weapon against Racism Humor is considered the most efficient way to break down barriers regarding race. It has become the most common way for people to show their racial disparities, and in some cases people have referred to it as “laughing out the racism”.In the past stereotypes were set for different races which were not exactly accurate, as they were rather ignorant. Years have gone by and minorities have become more comfortable in their own skin in (despite…

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