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  • How Did The Civil War Shaped America Today

    The Civil War had some major impacts on the world, which shaped America to be as it is today, both good and bad ends. It changer American economics, created the start of migration and groups, such as the progressives, changed policies and enhanced new ideas. Yet, sadly enough, America had to get involved with the civil war to forego these changes, otherwise America may have turned out differently than it is today, whether that is a good stance or a bad stance. The civil war is conflicting…

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  • Treaty Of Versailles Dbq

    The Versailles Treaty was a document that put an end to the first world war but started World War 2. The Treaty of Versailles was made to punish and weaken Germany and it’s army. The first topic in the Treaty of Versailles is about the military. In document B, Article 160 states that…”after that date the total number of military troops in Germany must not exceed one hundred thousand men, including officers.” Germany felt overwhelmed because their army was nothing compared to everyone else. In…

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  • Explain Why The Us Got Involved In Ww1

    Why The United States Got Involved In The War World War 1 was also known as The Great War also. The war took place in Europe and it lasted until July 28, 1914 to November 11, 1918. The war was a dangerous thing back then because lots of people were getting hurt or killed and also they fought over an assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Woodrow Wilson put the United States into a lot of drama, which led to more tragedies. Woodrow got the United States in WW1 for a reason and i'm…

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  • Submarine Warfare Dbq

    In April 1917, the United States had the right to enter World War 1 on the side of England, France, and Russia. The reason why the United States had the right to enter is because Germany had already declared war on us and the people of the United States, the Zimmerman Note that Britain intercepted and gave to Wilson which stated an alliance with Mexico, and if we didn’t go to war, England, France, and Russia would have lost the war which would be bad for us if we stayed neutral. Germany used…

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  • PTSD In Ww1

    The motivation for countries to enter WW1, were from recent attacks or rumors about attacking. Not only was it fear and attacks, but also joining for the safety of their own country. For instance the U.S joined because of the attacks from Germany. The Triple Alliance (also known as Central Powers) was Germany, Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire and Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Then on the Triple Entente (better known as The Allies) was, France, Russia, Japan, Belgium, Serbia, Great Britain and Italy. When…

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  • To What Extent Were The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Weimar Republic

    failure, they were facing many economic problems, and the severe treaty that they were about to face. I guess they voted in favorite because of how this new government is much better and a more…

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  • What Was The Impact Of Nationalism In The Mid-Century

    Impacts of Nationalism in the Mid-Centuries in the European Politics Introduction Nationalism may refer to a strong feeling of devotion and patriotism or the desire for independence that makes people believe a country’s interests are more important than international considerations (Smith 18). This concept became a major issue in Europe during the mid-centuries. Some countries like Italy and Germany benefited from nationalism while Austria experienced more losses than gains from this ideology.…

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  • Treaty Of Versailles Fair Essay

    The Treaty of Versailles was signed between Germany and the Allied Powers, including Britain, France, Russia, and Italy. This officially ended WW1. Germany had lost the war, and therefore the allies who had won the war, decided to hold a conference in Paris, this conference was called the Paris Peace Conference and it was to decide what they should do now having won the war. The countries represented in the Conference were France by their prime minister George Clemenceau, England by their prime…

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  • Why The World Would Such A Terrible War Start

    War, chaos, destruction, ruin; these are things the world knew all too well for four straight years. Over nine million troops and soldiers sacrificed their lives and over five million innocent civilians died. Roughly $186 billion was spent in direct costs and an additional $151 billion was spent indirectly. War destroyed national relations, demolished economies, took lives, and tore our world apart, but why? Was it because the world wanted it, or they thought it would be fun? Not at all; so why…

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  • What Led Up To Ww2 Essay

    to join in the war efforts. World War I was ended with The Treaty of Versailles, this was between Germany and the Allied Powers. Since Germany had lost the war, the treaty was more cruel toward Germany, and the people in it. Germany was forced to take responsibility of all the war damages that were suffered by the allied parties. This treaty required that Germany pay a huge lump-sum of money to compensate. The only problem with the treaty is that it left Germany’s…

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