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  • An Analysis Of Shackleton's Survival Of The Endurance

    Shackleton and the crew of the Endurance survived a very risky trial. The expedition tested many things, not disregarding patience. Were there ways Shackleton could have done better? The Crew? Was the expedition a waste of time overall? Could this survival story be too glorified? The expedition was a success in a sense that Shackleton accompanied by the crew of the Endurance, had gone through one of the most extraordinary survival situations in history. They had survived a 635 day journey in one…

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  • Analysis Of Endurance By Ernest Shackleton

    story, we get a glimpse into the future of the crew, as their ship,Endurance, gets wedged in between floes of ice that render her useless. This ends all chances of the 28 man crew, with Sir Ernest Shackleton as their leader, to complete their Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. In the beginning of their story Shackleton sets out to cross Antarctica, soon after a failed expedition to be the first to reach the South Pole, however, they’re beaten by a few months. It takes quite a while to get…

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  • Ernest Shackleton Leadership Style

    What does it take to win at the reality television game, Survivor? Outwit, outlast, outplay are the words that underscore the program’s logo. Are these words that could describe leadership? Do these words describe Sir Ernest Shackleton, Antarctic explorer? In the Survivor series, the winners have been forthright, honest, self-confident, collaborative, self-centered, team centered, manipulative, independent, creative and charismatic. Some might say they were just plain lucky. Sir Ernest…

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  • Case Study Of Shackleton

    Shackleton Case Study: Was He a Successful Leader? Summary In late 1914, the ship Endurance, left the port of South Georgia Island for their final stretch to their South Pole destination. Sir Ernest Shackleton, their illustrious leader, had been at sea before and had even attempted this perilous journey prior to this sailing. Shackleton was starting this journey with renewed vigor as he could sense this would be one of his last chances to accomplish his life-long goal of traversing the southern…

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  • Ernest Shackleton Character Analysis

    Ernest Shackleton led his crew on the Endurance to attempt to be the first group of individuals to cross the Antarctic continent overland. One day away from land the crew became iced in and eventually the ship sank. Leaving the crew with limited supplies. Ernest being the leader made sure every man went home alive. His leadership skills were spectacular during the journey. Ernest Shackleton was left with moral decision making in the days and months that passed between the sinking of the…

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