Trail of Tears

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  • The Trail Of Tears: Migration Of Native Americans

    The Trail of Tears Introduction The Trail of Tears was a 1000-2000 mile journey that five tribes had to walk in order to get to their designated land that Andrew Jackson called “Indian Territory.” The Cherokees, Choctaws, Chickasaws, Creeks, and Seminoles, were forced out of their homelands, not given any other option but to leave, or be killed trying to stay in their home where you made memories with families and friends. The trail was where thousands of people died from horrible sicknesses,…

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  • Summary Of The Trail Of Tears By John Ehle

    The Trail of Tears begins a short time before the Revolutionary War, roughly 1771, with the birth of a Cherokee names Ridge. Ridge, who was one-quarter Scot, and his family settled in northwest Georgia with several other mixed-blood Cherokees. This territory is where the Cherokee Nation would eventually be centered around. When Ridge reached manhood, around the age of sixteen, he became a warrior. Doublehead, a corrupt Indian chief, taught and instructed Ridge to be a warrior and then took him…

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  • Andrew Jackson's Response To The Trail Of Tears

    One of the most well-known acts of Jackson’s doing was the forced relocation of Native American tribes from the Southeast by way of the Indian Removal act. The Trail of Tears is a reminder of the cruelty he indorsed towards those not Caucasian. He did not see them as deserving the full rights he and other white Americans were afforded, regardless of the fact that America was occupied by them centuries prior to Europe’s arrival. I highly disagree with the resettlement he forced upon the Native…

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  • Historical Event Analysis: The Cherokee Trail Of Tears

    Topic and Research Question Topic: For my historical event analysis, I have chosen to focus on The Cherokee "Trail of Tears" Research Question: How the Indian Removal Act of 1830 affected the Cherokee? Preliminary Writing Plan Introduction The historical analysis focuses on the topic is “The Cherokee Trail of Tears”; the topic is about a historical event that caused suffering and death of one of the tribes that are native in America. The Cherokee are among the Creeks, the Chickasaw, the…

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  • Trail Of Tears: Response To The Indian Removal Act

    The Trail of Tears The Cherokee Trail of Tears occurred in 1838, in response to the Indian Removal Act of the 1830’s. The forced Removal Act was signed into law on May 28, 1830, under the supremacy of Andrew Jackson. Jackson had long despised the Native population and went to great lengths to exclude them from their sovereignty. Shortly after, the U.S. government passed the Treaty of New Echota in 1835 to justify the policies of the removal. The treaty was the result of a mutual agreement…

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  • Why The Seminole Indians Won The Trail Of Tears

    The Seminole lost the war and in January of 1837, several thousand American soldiers entered Florida and forced the Seminole to move. The Choctaw tribe was once again part of the Trail of Tears. On the day of September 27th, 1830 the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek was signed. This was a pact between the Choctaw and the United States of America. It was the first treaty regarding the relocation of Native Americans under the direction of…

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  • The Trail Of Tears: The Consequences Of The Trail Of Tears

    government uprooting whole tribes from their "sacred and ancestral lands and forcing them to walk hundreds of miles to reach far western territories." (pg.431) This long and painful journey was known as the Trail of Tears and it created even more hatred and tension between the U.S. and the Native Americans. Realizing that a peaceful settlement was impossible, the Native Americans began to fight back. However, their attacks did not come out on top and they were…

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  • Trail Of Tears

    The Trail of Tears was the foremost crime that US government made. It was the migration route members of the Cherokee Nation followed in 1838–1839 when the federal government forced their removal from the southeastern United States to Indian Territory in present-day…

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  • Trail Of Tears Dbq

    The Trail of Tears and Cold-Blooded Sufferings “I fought through the Civil War and have seen men shot to pieces and slaughtered by thousands, but the Cherokee removal was the cruelest work I ever knew.” Quoted by a Georgian militiamen during the gathering of Cherokee Indians, he describes how horrible this removal was on the Native Americans that once lived in the Cherokee Territory. (Document D) Once the Cherokee were rounded up, they were sent to travel the Trail of Tears to the west side…

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  • Analysis Of The Trail Of Tears

    the Trail of Tears.…

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