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  • Why Does Frankfurt Think Bs Is Worse Than Lying Analysis

    1. Why does Frankfurt think BS is worse than lying? Explain in detail. - Although both a liar and bullshitter are abusing the truth, Frankfurt believes that bullshitting is worse than lying because when someone tells a lie they are concerned about keeping the truth from the person/s they are lying to. A bullshitter does not care about these things. The only thing that matters to the bullshitter is being able to get away with not telling the truth. When someone lies, they always have to keep one…

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  • Hybrid Vehicles

    A hybrid vehicle uses two or more distinct types of power, such as internal combustion engine and electric motor. While there are many types of hybrid vehicles, this paper will mainly focus on hybrid electric vehicles. Hybrid cars are a combination of electric and gas powered engines, and combine the best of both to be much more practical than just a simple gas powered or fully electric car. In the world today there are hundreds of ways to travel, like trains, planes, boats and cars. The most…

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  • Going Green: An Argument Against Climate Change

    It’s a typical day in a typical American home. Dad is taking his standard five minute water-conserving shower; Mom is packing her reusable grocery bags into her Toyota Prius, and their two darling children are sitting at the table, enjoying an organic, locally produced breakfast. Everything is environmentally conscientious, just as it should be. Or at least the members of this family, along with much of the American population, believe. Through no fault of its own, the public is under the…

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  • Plug-In Electric Vehicles Paper

    Percentage of PEV sales Japan has been the second biggest market with sales figure of around 70,000 PEVs sold over the period of 4 years from 2009 to 2013. The penetration levels in Japan are at par with US. The key players are Nissan, Honda and Toyota. China is the biggest automobile market, but the PEV sales figures are appalling. It is the third biggest market for PEVs with 38,592 units sold between 2011 and 2014. The penetration levels however are extremely low at 0.03 PEVs per 1000…

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  • Sustainability And Sustainability

    The Earth’s beauty is unmatched by any other planet or star in the universe. You can not find another planet as perfect as the one that we live on. It gives the ability for humans to grow and thrive here. now you would think that with the given circumstances that people would work together to protect and preserve this wonderful planet that we only have one of right? Sadly thats not the case. We as humans have evolved so much to the point that we are unmatched by anytime of nature or its…

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  • The Generic Value Chain In The Airline Industry

    polystyrene and wood (Rolls-Royce website 2009). Another challenge is to provide “greener” vehicles. Toyota was the first automaker to mass-produce a hybrid gas-electric vehicle. “Prius” as it is known has sold 2 million globally (Abuelsamid, 2009). With the world rapidly changing, operation managers cannot afford to be oblivious to its surroundings – i.e. latest development in technology. Toyota seems to be leading the pack with the company introducing intelligence parking assist…

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