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  • Arguments Against Fanfiction

    Though in my experience the vast majority of fanfiction supports harsh gender roles, and is not obviously a tool for social renovation as Jung suggests, Jung’s argument that fanfiction writers are attempting to undo patriarchal values rings true and helps to highlight the problems with fanfiction that does support rigid gender roles (Jung…

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  • Saa Maabot Ang Langit Character Analysis

    The title, Sana Maabot ang Langit, in Velutha’s point of view, the Langit represents Ammu who is in the higher position in the caste system and Velutha, an untouchable can never reach her. Based on the novel, this is a book that is a letter to the powerless, whether it is women who are not allowed to follow the direction of their heart or men who suffered because they are from the wrong caste. Therefore the designed poster is a form of triangle that represents the caste system in India, and Ammu…

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  • Thai Feminism Case Study

    Afterwards, Thai feminists was influenced by the idea of postmodernism that Feminism should not view just only one side because Thai women have different backgrounds, races, cultures, tradition, social status, and education. So, postmodern feminists deeply focused on the diversity and experiences of women. From Trouble Gender by Butler also said that an effect of culturally influenced acts is from the appearance of “being” a gender, then there exists no solid, universal gender: constituted…

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  • Gender Roles In The Real Housewives

    women on television have evolved dramatically. Roles for women are no longer limited to the secretary or office assistant, the stay-at-home housewife, or the damsel in distress waiting to be saved by the manly hero. Women are now represented in both film and television as complex, multi-faceted characters who exist independently of their romantic relationships and home lives. In an age where women are fighting desperately to keep these robust roles available to women and pushing for even more…

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  • Gender Roles: Power Imbalance In The Media

    Power Imbalance There is a visible power imbalance in the media. Gender roles are fed to people from the moment they are born, and this message is reinstated and normalized throughout life (Massoni, 2004). Women are often exploited for their sexual appeal in order to sell products, and capture the attention of the viewers (Mulvey, 2012). The sexuality of men is also exploited in the media, however, the difference is that women are presented as subordinate beings when compared to men.…

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  • Ronda Rousey Positive Role Model

    Ronda Rousey is a positive role model, demonstrating how hard work merits success. It is through her achievements and body positivity that she has empowered other women, defying all odds within a “mans” sport and making a name for herself as a professional rather than being objectified as an attractive cover girl for the sport. Gracing the cover of Men’s Fitness was a milestone for female athletes everywhere; being on that cover made Rouseys’ presence as a fighter only more dominant for she is…

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  • Facts About Feminism

    Feminism Many people think they know what feminism is; regardless of any previous opinions one may have, the reality is that feminism is “the belief in the need to secure, or in the commitment to secure, rights and opportunities for women equal to those of men” (“Feminism” paragraph 1). Pink should be their favorite color and they should want to play Barbies and dress-up. A girl is seen as masculine if she would rather play with fake guns and a G.I. Joe and a man is seen as feminine or strange…

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  • Sue Luhring: A Brief Biography

    She was able to start and end her working career in the same place, with many promotions and titles under her belt. Even without a college degree she was able to obtain many important responsibilities in her work place, and along with that many pay raises, too. Despite this great climb through the corporate ladder, my grandmothers progress was still…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Women's Fight For Equality

    gaining equality. Although women are not exactly equal to men, they can play and take roles of men. There is always that saying “if he can do it, I can do it better. Women have fought for their rights in many things they are apart of today and for their beliefs in what they feel and think is right. They have fought for their oppression, to be equal to men and now have gained many opportunities in playing and being male roles. Women fighting for their rights is what it has always been about.…

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  • Feminist Analysis Of Susan Glaspell's Trifles

    Feminist Analysis of “Trifles” Set around the scene of a murder, Susan Glaspell’s twentieth century play “Trifles” is an early feminist drama that explores the gender roles set in place by society, especially in the time period written. The plot revolves around the case of a women, Mrs. Wright, who has killed her husband, John Wright. While male characters are trying to find motive behind the murder, it is actually their wives, who are belittled throughout the play, that solve the case but…

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