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  • What Is The Truth About The Environment By Bjorn Lomborg

    Zachary Schwadel 301331148 Tutorial D107 November 15, 2017 Word Count: 1162 Is Pollution Exaggerated? Background In the article “The Truth About the Environment”, Bjorn Lomborg challenges the global concern of atmospheric and oceanic pollution by suggesting it is “exaggerated” or simply “transient” due to early industrial revolution. He continues to claim that an increase in economic prosperity and becoming “rich” (defined in this analysis as high GDP per capita in a global context) will reduce…

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  • Effect Of Temperature On Solubility

    Introduction: Solubility is the “ability for a given substance, the solute, to dissolve in a solvent” . The effect of temperature on solubility is that when heat (energy) is added, it increases the speed on which molecules and particles move, therefore making it a quicker process. Where as with cooler temperatures there aren’t as many particles because the solvent doesn’t contain as much energy as warmer temperatures, therefore not dissolving as well as it could if it was warmer. To make jelly…

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  • Iodoform Test

    Carbonyl compounds are the compounds the contain C=O group which is called carbonyl group (double bond oxygen to a carbon). There are many types of carbonyl compounds such as aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, esters, amides etc. Aldehydes and ketones are the oxidation products of alcohols. Depending on the alcohol’s structure, the product obtained will be different. Primary alcohols have one carbon and two hydrogen atoms attached will produce aldehyde and then to carboxylic acid in two…

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  • Climate Change Vs Environment

    The words climate change invoke disagreement and debate, especially when addressing the arguments of Steffen et al. and Idso et al. Steffen et al. argue that variations in CO2 levels, caused by industrialization, are significant enough to create a new epoch called the anthropocene. Meanwhile, Idso et al. argue that climate change is a naturally occurring phenomenon within normal ranges, which will be beneficial to the environment. Both articles focus on the origins and effects of climate change;…

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  • Coral Reef Ecosystem

    All organisms in an ecosystem are interconnected and play specific roles that are crucial to the entire community’s sustainability and well-being. When a single aspect of the community is taken away, it affects the rest of the organisms that inhabit the ecosystem, and usually in a way that negatively impacts the area’s biodiversity. The source of most energy on Earth comes from the Sun however, only a certain group of organisms can harness the sun’s energy and convert it into sugars and…

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  • Chemical Equation For Photosynthesis Essay

    reaction that requires water, carbon dioxide and energy from the sun to produce glucose and oxygen. In the process of photosynthesis water is oxidised and carbon dioxide is reduced. The process of photosynthesis consists of two parts; a light-dependent reaction and a light-independent reaction. In the light dependent reaction the energy from light moves the electrons from a photosystem into to high energy state. In the light dependent reaction carbon dioxide and a few other compounds are…

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  • Canada Climate Change

    This past December, Toronto broke its thirty-six-year-old record for the warmest Christmas Eve to date. Climate change can be characterized by long term changes in weather conditions, including shifts in temperature, precipitation and extreme weather events. Human induced climate change was discovered after the industrial revolution. This is when scientists noticed the warming of the atmosphere, through the greenhouse effect. Clear evidence of the costs of climate change can be found in…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Regulation Of The Environment

    When discussing the environment creates a lot of controversy as there are many different opinions on how the environment should be regulated. Proposals on how to regulate and protect the environment have proved to be unsuccessful up to this point as both political parties cannot agree on regulations that suites all parties involved. The United States needs to take responsibility and be the first country to enact a national policy that will significantly reduce emissions because by doing so will…

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  • Global Warming Effects On Climate Change

    Industrial Revolution, there was an increase in factories to help with manufacturing. Even though this improved the production of manufactured goods, the factories burned fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and gas, which released a chemical known as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In today’s society, humans rely on the burning of fossil fuels in their everyday use such as to drive their vehicles, heat their homes, power industries, and provide electricity.…

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  • Feed Flow Rate Essay

    4.2.4 Effect of Feed flow rate (Fgr) on Product Distribution An increase in the flow of gas oil means an increase in the velocity of the gas oil feed, also a decrease in the residence time of the gas oil in the riser; hence a rise in the conversion of gas oil and yields of the products is expected(Akpa et al. 2010). When the flow rate of gas oil is increased, there is an increase in the heat inflow into the reactor, rate of cracking reactions are high, feed also spends less time in the reactor…

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