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  • World Parent Myth Analysis

    In the Babylonian myth the god-hero Marduk defeated the monster and original mother Tiamat who represents chaos and separated her body into Heaven and Earth, thus combining both forms of the world parent myth. In Greece the Titan Kronos (Time) castrated his father in order to separate him from his mother, thus expressing the substitution of time for the timeless coupling of his parents. As a result of him castrating his father, he took over control. He mated with his sister…

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  • Aphrodite In Greek Mythology

    Introduction: The age of Greek Mythology told tales of love, hate, war, peace, beauty and fright. Among it all, lived one of the most magical, mysterious, desirable and most beautiful goddess of all. Her name was Aphrodite. Aphrodite was the divine goddess of love, beauty and desire she was adored and considered perfect to every other god and goddess (Zortman). Aphrodite was known to be the reason that others fell in love. Her only task was to bring love to everyone in her world. It is believed…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Should Football Be Banned?

    Friday Night Lights is not a made up, unreal TV show, but a portrayal of events that actually do happen in small town Texas. Our movies are saturated with football that glorifies the game, such as “We are Marshall,” “The Blind Side,” “Remember the Titans” and “Rudy.” Even our ‘normal’ movies too often end with the star quarterback winning over the head cheerleader, not to mention the many movies that are solely about football. However, despite the popularity of football, the discovery of Chronic…

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  • The Role Of Responsibility In An Inspector Calls

    Why is responsibility such a significant theme in An Inspector Calls? In An Inspector Calls, the central theme is responsibility. Priestley uses the Inspector as a representative to voice his opinions on the main theme and the idea of socialism. Throughout the play, he presents each character with a role of responsibility and tries to make them aware, through the Inspector, that they are all guilty of Eva's death. The Inspector wants The Birlings to share their responsibility; Priestley's focus…

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  • The Influence Of Diversity

    Diversity is a common topic of discussion both in the workplace and outside. Its meaning has impacted society on many different levels. People come from many backgrounds and these backgrounds shape them into certain kinds of people. Everyone is affected by diversity in one way or another. I am going to share my personal experience with diversity and how it impacted my character and the person I am today. Personal Diversity Story I would define diversity as the many kinds of differences people…

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  • Comparison Of Greek Gods And Goddesses

    mentioned before were definitely victorious, but the one that was truly named for victory was Nike. Along with being the goddess of victory, she was beautiful with tan skin, long dark hair, and a toned body. Nike was the daughter of Styx and and the Titan Pallas; she lived with her mother. She did not necessarily stay with her mother all the time because she was always alongside Zeus along with her two brothers and sister, Kratos, Zelos, and Bia. Since Nike could fly over battlefields, she…

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  • Lost City Of Atlantis

    The Lost City of Atlantis The Lost City of Atlantis? Was it really there or was it all a myth? There are many scientists, archaeologists, geologists and other professionals that got interested in this mystery. Therefore, they started a series of investigations and researches to find out whether it was a true story or just a fantasy. Hence there are so many theories nowadays which differ from each other. Charles Orser, curator of history at the New York State Museum in Albany, says “Pick a spot…

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  • Alice Guy-Blaché's Be Natural: A Forgotten Filmmaker

    Be Natural: A Forgotten Filmmaker The first known female filmmaker in the world, who revolutionized the film industry is forgotten in the cinematic history. A global powerhouse with decades-long career who made over one thousand movies, and saw the birth of cinematic motion pictures is vaguely remembered today. Her name is Alice Guy-Blaché and she directed, wrote, and produced nearly one thousand films, both silent and talking. Her drive can be clearly seen in this quote, “Is nothing…

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  • Sunshine Sketches Of A Little Town Analysis

    When one reads “As For Me and My House,” (Ross), a book such as this can be read in multiple lights and dissected with several tools of context. In the previously studied text, “Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town,” it spoke of false fronts and who the human being actually is on the inside and how that reflects on the external environment. This book is no different, and especially so in the character of Mrs. Bentley. Mrs. Bentley, even though she is the typical, small-town preacher 's wife, she…

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  • Apollo In The Iliad

    Greek mythology has played an important and lasting role in Greek and later civilizations. Greek mythology deals with the stories of gods and heros. The Greeks used these stories to try to explain and justify why things were in the world that they lived in. These stories were involved and used in the everyday culture of the Greeks. There are many different types of myth and legends although, they are not true they still are useful in understanding ancient Greece and their culture. Myths are…

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