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  • Oedipus And Jocasta Analysis

    by telling him that there is no truth in oracles or prophets, and she has proof. Jocasta then tells him a brief story of how Oracle predicted that Laius would be slaughtered by the hands of his own. Giving more into the ¨factual”evidence that his prophecy´s were in fact irrelevant, by stating that he was killed by robbers.While listening to the story, Oedipus had his own doubts about it,which troubled him.Going more into depth,Jokasta stated that that Laius was slaughtered where three…

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  • Lago's Love In Othello

    The characters in the play Othello by Shakespeare depict different attributes from revenge to love. The behavior of Lago is the subject of analysis of the essay. Lago’s attitude towards women and Othello is appalling. He feels an obligation to serve Othello while also accusing him for having an affair with his wife. In Act one, scene three, Lago believes that Othello has slept with his wife. He states; “it is thought abroad that ‘twixt my sheets/ he has done my office” (1.iii.286). Lago is the…

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  • Utilitarianism In The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

    “Tradition is our security. And when our mind is secure, it is in decay,” laments Jiddu Krishnamurti wisely. While tradition is a solace to many, as Krishnamurti puts it, once outdated, it can result in the deterioration of society. And worse, perhaps, are the consequences faced by those who protest antiquated values. Set in a stereotypical American town and initially written with a joyful tone, “The Lottery” explores such paradoxical views on tradition shifting to a dark and sinister tone…

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  • Theme Of Betrayal In Antigone

    Antigone and the Death of a Salesman Most plays focus on a central theme. The Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller and Antigone by Sophocles are two examples of plays which use betrayal as their central theme. Antigone is a Greek play by Sophocles. It is a Greek tragedy full of loyalty, betrayal, love and death. The play Antigone features many central themes with betrayal being the main theme of the story. The theme of betrayal is evident in the beginning of the play when the king Creon betrays…

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  • Fate Vs. Free Will In Sophocles Oedipus Rex

    In 430 B.C around when drama first came to be, Sophocles wrote the play Oedipus Rex, a story of the great king of Thebes who killed his own father and took his mother to bed. A baffling tale of fate and incest that surprises all who read it. Many wonder why he would write such a morbid play; it’s main character made to do foul things without knowing and later coming to realize his dirty deeds and be haunted by them. Did Sophocles have a point to prove? A lesson to teach? The play seems to play…

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  • Examples Of Leadership In The Aeneid

    Aeneas' Leadership in the Aeneid. In the Aeneid by Virgil the main character Aeneas tries to be a good leader to his people, but fails; showing the lack of good leadership qualities in the majority of the book. A good leader is a person who supports people he/she is in charge of, sets a good example following rules of pietas, and helps in accomplishing a common goal.Pietas is to fulfill one’s obligations to the Gods, family, and people. Aeneas is a Trojan hero whose task in the book (which was…

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  • Oedipus Rex Analysis

    Traditional Greek theater is used to entertain and make its audience experience and reflect, since most focuses on society and human behaviors. In order to initiate and fulfill the “action” in a play and draw out the intended emotions, as Aristotle says in Poetics, a classic tragedy has six main elements: plot, character, diction, thought, spectacle, and song.Sophocles, who wrote the great tragedy of Oedipus Rex, develops his plot and character in order to convey to the audience a message about…

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  • Mr. Incredible Character Analysis

    Mr. Incredible is designed to be a strong, selfish and a determined hero. We can appreciate and despise Mr. Incredible, at different points in the film. He is a typical heroic father, saving the world but he doesn't always consider his family. Mr incredible has amazing strength. He is able to carry trains, cars and big heavy rock statues and anything that a normal human can’t carry. For Mr Incredible to be able to carry this much weight he must have huge muscles and he has to train as much as…

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  • Intrusion And Seclusion Analysis

    A jury may find that Lancaster intruded on Barrone’s seclusion. Barrone attempted to seclude himself behind a sheet and wall in a public alley. Lancaster used a high zoom lens to intentionally take a naked picture of Barrone and intruded on his seclusion. A reasonable person would be highly offended if another person takes a naked picture of them when they believe to be secluded. Intrusion on seclusion has three elements in Pennsylvania: a person must (1) intentionally and substantially intrude,…

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  • Tragic Hero In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

    “The truly tragic kind of suffering is the kind produced and defiantly insisted upon the hero himself so that, instead of making himself better, it makes him worse and when he dies he is not reconciled to the law but defiant…” - W. H. Auden. According to Aristotle, an ancient Greek philosopher, some examples of being a tragic hero can be defined as having a weakness, usually seen in pride, having to be faced with very serious decisions throughout the story, and the hero must have discovered his…

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