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  • Stylistic Analysis Of Edward Scissorhands

    Tim Burton, a director for many movies. Movies such as Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. These are movies that will be us in this essay. Burton has many crazy characters. Characters that are shy, dark, crazy, and a little creepy. Some characters that he created are Edward, Mr. Wonka, and Beetlejuice. Burton’s dark style is best conveyed through his use of color, zooming, and music. One defining characteristic of Burton’s style is his use of color to devolve…

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  • Why Is Tim Burton Considered An Auteur

    Tim Burt and Robert Altman: Auteurs of the 20th Century All generations have produced their own Auteurs. All who have their own distinct creative ideas and procedures that allow them to create visually and auditory striking films. Two prestigious auteurs from the 20th century who have been recognized for their creative genius and their own unique style are Robert Altman and Tim Burton. Both directors have their own distinct style and approach to film making. Both of these directors are…

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  • Lilith Vita's Short Story

    For the fifth time this week – yes you heard that correctly, fifth time this week, Lilith Vita found herself sitting in her professors office, bloodied, and most likely with multiple small injuries. It was the fifth time this week, and apparently it was 'getting out of hand'. . .To be honest Lilith Vita was quite tired of being called in here and having her precious time wasted. The fifteen year old Theurgist was at her limits with all of this. Not that It was her fault. . . She sat in one of…

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  • What Are Tim Burton's Cinematic Techniques

    the ability to verbalized or analyze it." The quote by Stanley Kubrick illustrates the ideal director of a movie. According to Stanley Kubrick, a director should use the techniques given to make a good movie that expresses their style. In particular, Tim Burton uses numerous cinematic techniques such as sound, lighting, and shots to demonstrate his unique style in movies like Charlie and the chocolate Factory, and Edward Scissorhands. For starters, Burton applies the cinematic element lighting…

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  • Music And Cinematic Techniques In Tim Burton's Films

    Thomas hebert Tim Burton style essay Tim Burton is a very well known film director. He is known for movies like the remaking of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Big Fish. He is very unique with his style of lighting, music choices and camera angles. He uses a lot of long shots with high key lighting. He also uses a lot of medium shots with bottom or side lighting making it seem scary especially with his choice of music. One of the best things a director can do is choose the right music…

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  • Jon Favreau: Film Analysis

    The versatile filmmaker Jon Favreau moves dexterously among different genres – the comedic fantasy “Elf” was an agreeable option for Christmas; the sci-fi action thriller “Cowboys & Aliens” was a sort of prank that didn’t work so well; the unparalleled “Iron Man” is a reference in the cinematic Marvel universe while its second installment lowered the expectations of something big; the comedy “Chef” put some heart and soul in an engaging story whose main character is played by himself. Even with…

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  • Salvador Dali's The Temptation Of Saint Anthony

    My artist is Salvador Dali His paintings a lot of times are compared to the horror genre. The painting that inspired me is The Temptation of Saint Anthony, 1946 I really like this piece because of the oversized proportions and the amount of detail in the painting the more you observe it the more things you notice and wonder, like the giant elephants lead by the giant horse that inspired him to do certain things. Other things I like is the naked person holding the cross with a halo on his head,…

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  • Becoming Members Of Society Analysis

    We as humans all come from different backgrounds and have different views on what the world is and what it should be. No matter what we want to think, every person we come in contact with has an effect on who we are and who we become. I have met many people and visited many places that are very important to me and I believe they distinguish my personality and values. In the article Becoming Members of Society: Learning the Social Meanings of Gender Aaron Devor talks about how we develop our…

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  • Tim Burton Film Style

    Tim Burton is a movie director that works his own style even in the places that want other things. He started his career in Disney animation, which didn’t work out very well in the end. He didn't enjoy his original job as a apprentice animator, and when they moved him the designing the original characters for new movie, Disney didn’t like the result. The general unhappiness caused Tim Burton to start his own projects. These movie he created, some of which include Charlie and Chocolate factory,…

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  • Dark Shadows Compare And Contrast

    Dark Shadows (2012) is an interesting film, as Tim Burton (director) attempts to twist comedy and horror in this parody-like remake of an old TV series with the same name. The old TV series, Dark Shadows (1966–1971), was a gothic horror series that had over 1248 episodes and was considered quite popular during its air time. It amassed a significant fan base and even has its own wikia fandom dedicated to finding anything related to the series. The series also obtained a 7.6/10 rating which is…

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