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  • Prison School Tropes

    School Vs. Prison Genre Although some people may argue the fact that prison and school films are unrelated in every way, I am here to argue the fact that these two genres are similar in many ways that some might not be able to point out for themselves. I am going to use three different critical articles as well as three different movies to explain my reasoning. I feel as though the significance of comparing these two genres is very important because it gives additional meaning to some aspects of…

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  • Edward Scissorhands Opening Scene Analysis

    shadows. Opening credits in gothic fonts roll across the screen. An eerie entity such as a tree is introduced, its branches swaying precariously in the wind. This is how almost every Tim Burton movie begins. Known for his gothic style and use of cinematic techniques, Tim Burton is a very well known film director. Tim Burton’s uses low key lighting and close up angles in order to make the viewer doubt what they think to be true; this is important because Burton wants us to understand that things…

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  • What Is Tim Burton's Cinematic Style

    adjectives describing directors Tim Burton’s cinematic style. Tim burton is a very creative and artistic director he has directed movies such as, Edward scissors hand, the nightmare before Christmas, Charlie and the chocolate factory, and Batman and these movie the director Tim Burton’s uses very unique stylistic techniques especially in his shots and framing, camera angles/movement, and sound. Tim burton does this so that he can achieve his desired effect on the audience. Tim Burton’s uses…

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  • Tim Burton Style Analysis

    Tim Burton, a director, animator, producer has directed many phenomenal and award winning films. Examples include, Alice In Wonderland, Edward Scissorhands, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The techniques and style he uses are consistent throughout. Burton accomplishes these techniques with several styles and ideas. The setting and the characters he initiates are innovative. Soon, the introduction and background presented a profound image. It makes the story easy to follow. It’s also more…

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  • Nancy Mairs On Being A Cripple Analysis

    Nancy Mairs, in her nonfiction essay, “On Being a Cripple,” (1986) coveys her perpetual struggle in “getting the hang of” her debilitating condition—Multiple Sclerosis. Though her view of her condition is turbulent, Mairs acknowledges one constant truth—that she is plainly a “cripple”. Mairs’ utilization of this motif “squarely” elucidates survival amongst inexorable forces. Mairs’ purpose is to identify and generalize her condition in order to express the complexity of its duality, ultimately…

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  • Edward Scissorhands Morals

    different stories to tell, but one thing they have on common are the messages that they send out. These messages can show up in one brief scene yet teach the audience so much about morals or issues around the world and create emotions within the people. Tim Burton elicits emotions from the audience through connections to the messages showcased in his film that all become clear with lighting, sound, camera movements, shots, and angles. First, Burton’s empathetic imagination combines high key…

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  • Wes Anderson Film Techniques

    Wes Anderson is a movie director who has created eleven movies some include Fantastic Mr.Fox , Moonrise Kingdom , Rushmore , etc. Anderson has been known to use some of the same actors in many of his movies, Bill Murray is one of many actors that continues to reappear in Anderson's films. Murray plays many diverse roles, some include Mr. Bishop in Moonrise Kingdom, Badger from Fantastic Mr. Fox, Herman Blume from Rushmore, and M. Ivan From Grand Budapest Hotel. Any character Murray plays he…

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  • Dark Shadows Scene Analysis

    returns to his home just as Angie and an angry mob of people arrive. Angie is there to arrest the family for harbouring a murder. Barnabas makes an offer of himself and Liz to be arrested if there is no harm to come upon his family. As he does this Tim Burton uses a centred close up camera shot of Carolyn closing their house doors building the tension of the audience as if there was going to be a war between the family and Angie, knowing that she wouldn’t take the deal. As the scene carries on…

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  • Halloween Costume Ideas

    Fun Halloween Costume Ideas Halloween is a great time to allow your creativity to take over and truly be inspired. Long gone are the days when Halloween focused on ghosts and ghouls, these days, Halloween is all about being creative. Year after year, Neil Patrick Harrison, and his adorable family blow the minds of people across the world with their creative family costumes. Fortunately, you don’t have to be rich and famous to have fun with your costumes; it just takes a little imagination. The…

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  • How Is Batman Better Than Superman

    misfit named Tim Drake. Unlike the other robins Tim as Robin was brains and bronze. His mother died, and he lived with his very busy father who never seemed to have enough time for his son. And like Jason, Tim was a pesky little thief stealing donuts from cops. When Tim became Robin, his father became more aware of his son. And soon found, that his son had a secret. When he realized his son was Robin, he he confessed his knowing to Tim, saying he “disapproved” of his sons job. And forced Tim to…

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