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  • Equine Anemia Research Paper

    infection include thrombocytopenia and anemia. The way the immune system reacts to this disease is very important. The body needs the cytoxic T lymphocytes to help control any disease but the EIA virus bypasses that response and continues replication. Thrombocytopenia begins with a fever and an immunoglobulin increase causes the endothelial cells to become infected that in turn destroy erythrocytes or red blood cells. If you have a foal with immunodeficiency then it will develop thrombocytopenia…

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  • Most Common Types Of Trombophilia

    In contrast to thrombocytopenia, thrombophilia is where there are too many platelets in the blood meaning blood has an increased tendency to form clots. Blood clots are known as venous thromboses and they come in many forms linked with different parts of the body. For example, the most common form of blood clots is within the leg veins and this is known as deep vein thrombosis (DTV). The blood clotting process is a simple process in comparison to some of the bodily functions. When a cut to the…

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  • Esophagogastric Pain Case Study

    HLA-DR, CD 41, CD14, CD64 and B and T cell lineage markers. To this point, the diagnosis was suggestive for acute leukemia of basophilic or mast cell lineage. One day after the BM biopsy was performed, the patient developed leukocytosis, and thrombocytopenia aggravated. O2 saturation dropped to 90%, tachycardia of HR 150 and high BP of 180/85 were checked, and mental drowsiness was observed. Laboratory findings showed acute hepatic failure and prolongation of PT/aPTT with metabolic acidosis. Her…

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  • Gaucher Disease Research Paper

    Gaucher disease is a genetic disorder in which glucocerebroside (a sphingolipid, also known as glucosylceramide) accumulates in cells and certain organs. Sphingolipids constitute a diverse array of lipids in which fatty acids are linked through amide bonds to a long-chain base, structurally they form the building blocks of eukaryotic membranes. Gaucher disease occurs when a enzyme is deficient. When the enzyme is defective, glucocerebroside accumulates, particularly in white blood cells and…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of 5 Flurocytosine

    FLUCYTOSINE Also known as 5-flurocyrosine or 5-FC. It’s an antifungal drug that is usually formulated with amphotericin for wide range of medical uses, it can be used by mouth for treatment of infections that could be caused by Cryptococcus neoformans or perhaps candida. It could also be used in the treatment of chromblastomycosis (chronic fungal infection of subcutaneous tissue or skin). Because of its weak antifungal action it can’t be used alone for treatment of serious, life threatening…

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  • Lorenzo's Oil Case Study

    Lorenzo’s Odone, a young intelligent boy who lived in Comoro Island. Comoro Island is a volcanic island situated off the south east coast of Africa. Lorenzo’s family stayed there because of his dad Augusto Odone’s job. Lorenzo had many friends there including his best friend Omouri. Lorenzo, his mother Michaela and his dad Augusto moved back to the United States. Michela and Lorenzo’s teachers started seeing strange things Lorenzo would do. Lorenzo would through fits and get angry out of nowhere…

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  • Gaucher's Disease Research Paper

    It causes anemia in which there’s a small quantity of blood cells. You can get bruised easily because of the decrease of blood in your platelets (thrombocytopenia). You may also get lung disease. In lung disease you have hard time breathing because the air gets trapped in your lungs in former (COPD) etc. You get bone pain and fractures you may also get arthritis. You get joint pain and stiffness from arthritis…

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  • ZIKV

    Zika virus (ZIKV) is a flavivirus transmitted through the bites of infected Aedes species of mosquitoes. In 1947, ZIKV virus was first recognized in Uganda in monkeys through a system that observed yellow fever. Later in 1952, the virus was acknowledged in humans in Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania. Since then, there has been reports of outbreaks of ZIKV in Africa, America, Asia and the South Pacific. In 2007, the first large outbreak of ZIKV was reported from Yap Island. ZIKV is…

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  • Mitochondria And Caspase Essay

    Mitochondria and caspases are essential elements of the controlling mechanism of apoptosis 1. Caspases, a family of enzymes that are key effectors of apoptosis, are cysteine proteases that cut after aspartic acid residues. Several of these enzymes, like caspase 3 and caspase 7, are responsible for many of the effects of apoptosis. These effects include cell shrinkage, PS externalization, and membrane microvesiculation 2-5. Cytochrome C, a component of the electron transport chain, is normally…

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  • Metro Affiliates

    The pathogen is dengue virus. The main mosquito vector is Aedes. Both diseases can cause acute febrile illness. However, malaria can be chronic while dengue cannot. The specific triads of dengue, atypical lymphocytosis, hemoconcentration and thrombocytopenia might be a clue for differential diagnosis of dengue infection from other tropical infections including to…

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