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  • Nuclear Energy: Past, Present, And Future

    Climate change and pollution are serious global issues. Recently, cities such as New Delhi and Beijing have been plagued by unprecedented levels of smog, leading to riots and unrest. Greenhouse gases have greatly increased the temperature of our atmosphere and are upsetting the Earth’s fragile balance as an ecosystem. Consequently, in 2016, the arctic ice sheet was the smallest ever recorded, but most worryingly, according to NASA, the past 13 years have had the 13 smallest ice sheets on record…

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  • Rise Of Nuclear Power

    The rise of nuclear power started back in 2000 with the election of George W. Bush; it was with him that the development of nuclear power plants started to form in the United States. One of the countries that turned to nuclear energy was India, but it wasn’t until 2005 with the Nuclear Treaty, that it actually came into the picture and developed their Nuclear Sector. Then in 2010 India’s government passed the Civil Nuclear Liability for Damage Act, which dealt with any nuclear damages that…

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  • Nuclear Sustainability Research Paper

    plants are safer than other energy power plants for workers and nearby inhabitants. This is because working at a nuclear power plant is far less damaging than working in something like a coal power plant. Next, there is a stable supply of uranium and thorium for the many future generations as the foundation to create nuclear energy. Also, there 's really not much waste: the US disposes of 1000 times more EPA-registered hazardous waste materials (e.g., mercury, benzene, coal ash, etc.), than…

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