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  • Weakness Of Green Energy

    leaves to vibrating ribbons (Windbelt), solar panels that use more than just a couple wavelengths of sunlight, generators that run off of Ocean waves, and potential concepts like extracting ionized energy out of the ionosphere such as Tesla proposed, Thorium salt breeder reactors like those that were built before nuclear went Uranium in order to be weaponized, and Fusion reactors, which is still in the concept phase. Personally I would like to see some of these newer, more compact, safer, and…

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  • Allan Savory: Environmental Analysis

    Cliff Montage suggests Allan Savory’s idea that adjusting the ecosystem’s biodiversity might prove to be more prosperous for the climate without cutting down on the energy demand of the world population. Confinement of livestock has been the primary contributor to the process of desertification. When herds of large animals are forced to be confined within a space, as opposed to being truly free range, it has an adverse effect on the biodiversity. This leaves an imbalance within the ecosystem.…

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  • Dr. C. Gordon Allport's Analysis

    The theorist profiled is named Dr. C. Gordon Allport. Dr. Allport was a Social Psychologist that received his Ph. D in Psychology in 1922 from Harvard similarly to one of his brothers. He was born in 1897 and was the youngest of four brothers. He also was a shy boy and endured many teasing’s by his peers therefore, he led a fairly isolated childhood. Dr. Allports father was a country doctor, so his father’s influence from a medical perspective began for Dr. Allport from a very young age. Dr.…

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  • Chemical Effects Of Formaldehyde

    enter the house and allow the stale air to exit. The effects of VOCs can also be lowered by minimalizing exposure to these compounds. An example of a VOC is methanol, a substance which is toxic if ingested because it metabolises to form Formaldehyde (CH_2 O). Methanol (CH_3 OH) is most commonly found in products such as cigarettes as well as in foods or drinks containing aspartame, an artificial sweetener. Formaldehyde is another toxic VOC which can cause the development of cancer. Formaldehyde…

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  • The Role Of Electrical Energy In The UK

    1. INTRODUCTION The need for electrical energy and its global impact, ever since it’s being used is phenomenal. Hence, there is an immense pressure on all nation’s for ensuring electrical energy security. In this report, some key aspects of electrical energy statistics, both technical and economical are discussed and then compared between the United Kingdom** and Republic of India. 2. UNITED KINGDOM The United Kingdom is one among the large economies in the world and is also a “pioneer for…

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  • Negative Effects Of Nuclear Energy

    All energy resources impact the environment, both in a negative and positive manner. Many of the environmental complications the world is fronting today is a result of Fossil fuel. Fossil fuel is currently the primary source of energy in the world. We as humans use fossil fuels in our everyday lives, these include transportation, habitation, electronics and industrial activities, but these resources have been maltreated hence it is said that we are the most polluting species on earth. Fossil…

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  • The Benefits Of Nuclear Energy

    years and anywhere up to sixty years. The cores of a reactor last anywhere up to fourteen-sixteen months and the supply of nuclear fuel, which is mostly in Australia, is substantial and will last far into the future and many other resources, such as thorium, are being considered for use in nuclear reactors, but the outcome of its use has yet to be determined as viable. Uranium fuel can also be re-enriched through isotope separation, and reused for an even more reliable source of fuel. There is…

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  • Princess Mononoke Analysis

    Throughout the progression of human history, technological advancements have always been made at the expense of altering and harming the environment; so much so that one of the five types of conflict highlighted in literary writing is human vs. nature. One such story that addresses this conflict is Princess Mononoke by Japanese storyteller Hiyao Miyazaki. Although appearing to be a simple animated children’s tale of a boy thrown into a fight between spiritual beings and the human civilization…

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  • Fernald Closure Project Case Study

    2. Environmental restoration “A bird's nest nestled in the tall grasses of a wetland symbolizes the end of a 20-year struggle to clean up a site contaminated by radioactive material from a former Cold War-era uranium processing plant…”(Cornwell, 2007). The ultimate objective of Fernald Closure Project was the accomplishment of environmental restoration in compliance with federal environmental regulations. In 2006, Fluor successfully completed the project of environmental restoration with the…

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  • The Disappearing Spoon Analysis

    two elements in the poisoner’s corridor, cadmium and thallium, are potentially lethal to humans, as evidenced by both the itai itai cadmium poisoning epidemic, and CIA’s assassination plans using thallium. The last two elements in that corridor, thorium and americium, are radioactively poisonous.. Bismuth serves as a meeting point between these two types of killer elements. Yet, instead of being a chimera, and in more than one way harmful to humans, it is the opposite. This contrast between the…

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