Thoracic duct

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  • Intrathoracic Lymphatics: A Case Study

    Introduction The thoracic cavity has complex networks of lymphatics which have a fundamental immunological function protecting intrathoracic organs such as the lungs, pleura, oesophagus and mediastinum. These networks drain interstitial fluid from the lungs, chyle from the gastrointestinal tract, and white blood cells and other immune components (Brotons et al., 2012). Thoracic lymphatics are involved in several diseases that most thoracic surgeons are concerned about. The most important pathologies affecting thoracic lymphatics are cancers spreading from intrathoracic organs. As lymphatic involvement by cancerous cells guide tumour staging, prognosis and management (Brotons et al., 2012), it is crucial to have a good understanding of thoracic…

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  • Sarah Zagorac Character Analysis

    it could be in Los Angeles?” Travis groans and ask if she knows a phone number of anybody she is close to. “ Oh yeah!” Sarah pulls out her phone and goes in her contact list. “Give me that!” yells Mr.Pickle. Travis calls her mother ( her mother was the only person in her contacts list) and asks for a ransom. “ Did you call my mom for dinner, what are we having?” “ No, I threatened to torture you if your mom didn’t give me one million dollars.” Travis says casually. “ Oh Travis, you silly…

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  • The 1940's: The Greatest Generation

    Duct tape was also invented in the 40’s but it wasn’t made for a lot of uses like now a days, it was meant to sealing ammunition cases in WW2, it was a water resistant tape. It got its name for the reasons, one, that the material that was made from was cotton duct and two, that it was use for ducts but it became weak and it fell off. Another great invention was made from Karl Pabst, who came up with the idea of a vehicle that was fast and could meet with the specifications of the army. They send…

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  • Query Pneumothorax Case Study Essay

    structures in the thoracic cavity; therefore pneumothorax would be demonstrated on a radiograph as an evenly dark area inside the thoracic cavity due to its greater radiolucency than lung structures (Bushong, 2012). This makes the examination essential for the patient. In accordance with Trust 1 Adult plain film protocols (2014) an erect Postero-Anterior (PA) chest examination was undertaken. Furthermore Des Jardins et al (2015) concur with standing PA chest examination for patients who are not…

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  • Neck Pain: A Case Study

    This is a 32-year-old male with a 7/3/2014 date of injury, due to a MVA. DIAGNOSIS; Cervical spin e S/S, Lumbar spine S/S, Left shoulder S/S 12/08/15 progress note describes that the patient complains of neck pain at a 6/10-scale level; low back pain at a 6-7/10-scale level, which radiates to the right leg; left shoulder pain at a 4/10-scale level, which radiates to the left arm; and sleep problems. PE revealed slight to moderate spasticity and tenderness over the para-cervical muscles. ROM of…

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  • Neck Pain Case Studies

    This is a 45-year-old male with a 2-20-2015 date of injury. A specific mechanism of injury has not been described. DIAGNOSIS: Sprain of joints and ligaments of unspecified parts of neck, initial encounter 01/11/16 Progress Report describes that 15 minutes were spent in review of the results from the urinary drug screen, which was administered at the previous visit and deciding whether any modifications are appropriate to the treatment regimen. The pain is better and down to a 3/10. The neck…

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  • Matthew's Nightmare Short Story

    The figure was a snapshot frozen in time. Duct Tape on his mouth. Brown hair dripping with blood, brown eyes wide with shock. Patty was looking into a shockingly familiar face. His own. ----- [Dream Sequence] Nightmare - Matthew Version It was a worst case scenario dream - Matthew 's nightmare. The sound of thunder could be heard outside of the house. It was storming outside. The Patrick house was filled with darkness. With every flash of lightning, more of scene was revealed. There was a…

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  • Estelle Louise: A Short Story

    She immediately rummages under the seat and found, a large black plastic trash bag, a roll of duct tape, and jerry-rigged a makeshift window. Shortly after she finishes, Clemmie Sue climbs into the pickup, her long curly grayish blonde hair is a mess of sopping tangles, and the mud had liberated her shoes from her feet. Clemmy Sue instantly notices her newfangled window and says, “Lord have mercy, Estelle Louis, I wants to be thankin’ y’all a heapin’ bunch for mendin’ that there…

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  • Optokinetic Research Paper

    However use of this device requires a trained operator. Calibration also needs to be done before using the device. Flexible electrogoniometers are strain-gage-based systems that consists of two light-weight end blocks fixed to the twelfth thoracic vertebrae(T12) and sacral spine(S2)spinal processes. They are separated by a steel spring and it protects a narrow strip of steel foil[11]. Strain gages attached to the foil were used to monitor lumbar angle motion in two different planes during both…

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  • Shoulder Flexibility Exercise

    altered versions show validity for evaluating hamstring flexibility. However, they do not show a correlation to the assessment of lumbar flexibility. Nevertheless, within this article, they discussed how the hip joint, lumbar and thoracic spine contribute to the overall performance of Sit and Reach. This test was performed on 195 Brazilian boys ages 18 to 19. All individuals volunteered, weighed 152.02 ± 22.46 lbs. and had an average height of 69.29 ± 2.76 inches. The tests scrutinized each…

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