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  • Difference Between Hegel And Sartre

    This paper is going to discuss the differences between Hegel and Sartre. It is going to discuss the difference between the Idealists and the Existentialists. It will also tackle my own comprehension of the said authors, and will discuss who I find more compelling. Lastly, it is going to conclude. Hegel and Sartre are two very powerful and convincing authors. Their voices in their writings can be heard loud and clear. However, their views clash most of the time. There are also some points…

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  • Essay On Existential Theory

    Existential theory is a theory which in my opinion you need an open heart and mind to be able to fully understand. Existential theory concepts are great and many of the aspects of this theory I agree with. When looking into this theory the main aspect that I appreciated was that a lot of the values were the same as the ones I have. According to our textbook, the existential tradition definition is seeking a balance between recognizing the limits and tragic dimensions of human existence on one…

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  • Fear And Trembling Kierkegaard Analysis

    Kierkegaard, Camus, and Sartre are three main philosophers that have overlapping ideas of Existentialism. Throughout Kierkegaard 's book Fear and Trembling, Camus’ book Absurd Creation, and Sartre’s book Existentialism and play No exit, the idea of the ability for one to make one’s own choices and decisions through free will is shown. These philosophers opened my eyes to a new perspective on what existence precedes essence means. While reading these books, I agreed with some ideas as opposed to…

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  • Existentialism In Shakespeare's Hamlet

    Existentialism “A philosophical theory or approach that emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will.” –Internet meaning Existentialism is the idea that a man lives due to his free will and individuality. That every human define their own meaning in life. It also tackles what is human existence and that human defines their own meaning of life. This idea believes that there is no God, or any higher…

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  • The Categorical Imperative In Immanuel Kant's The Stranger

    The categorical imperative, to Immanuel Kant, is an overarching principle of acting towards others the way you would like for them to treat everybody else; a slight furtherance of the ‘Golden Rule’(Where your actions are based upon the way you would like them to treat you). The categorical imperative creates a moral basis based upon one’s understanding of their own individuality coupled with an empathetic understanding of those around them, based upon their precepts that they’ve come to…

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  • What Is The Philosophy Of Plato's Allegory Of The Cave

    The journey to a philosophical way of thought In class, one of the assignments was to watch a video called Plato’s Allegory Of The Cave. While watching the video, a voice spoke as the story unfolded describing animated prisoners chained from their necks and bodies to a rail where they could only watch a wall in front of them to never be able to see what was around. On that wall their shadows were displayed. Over time, the fire from a distance would continue and someone would begin to maneuver…

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  • Is Life Meaningful Analysis

    1- What are the various interpretations that can applied to the word “meaningful” in the question “Is life meaningful?” How does each interpretation impact the resultant answer? There are two interpretations that can be applied to the word “meaningful” in the question “Is life meaningful?” The first is that of objective meaning. This means that in order for life to have meaning, it must have objective meaning. Objective in this context refers to the independence of other’s thoughts or what…

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  • Modernism In Latin America

    Successful modern architectures have been survived throughout the world. Those architectures were adapted themselves to new circumstances so-called ‘region’ Since First World War, global modernism had a big impact on the Latin America. Modernism has become the dominant global movement. Not only modern architecture appears European cities and United States, but also a lot of Latin America cities have started have modern style of architectures. It was not familiar to area where they have their own…

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  • Fear And Trembling Analysis

    In the novel “Fear and Trembling” by Soren Kierkegaard, one of the main topic discussed was ethical and how it was associated with the universal. Also, how ethical is related to tragic hero and the knight of faith. For instance, the action of a tragic hero, like agamemnon sacrificing his daughter is still ethical because his action was done publicly and for common good. Ethical is temptation for the knight of Faith because they have the choice to do something right. For instance, abraham had the…

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  • Kierkegaard's Prophetic Analysis Of The Present Age

    Kierkegaard uses the parable of the jewel, to illustrate the difference in thought in the passionate and reflective ages. In the following essay, I will explore the difference between the two ages to gain a deeper understanding of Kierkegaard’s sentiments behind the example, before explaining the parable and showing how his prophetic analysis is truer than ever. Kierkegaard begins the The Present Age by stating that the present age is “one of understanding and reflection, without passion,…

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