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  • Rousseau On Inequality Analysis

    Inequality According to Rousseau In his Discourse on Inequality Rousseau strips humankind down to its initial state in an attempt to find the foundation of inequality. He pursues this foundation in hopes of being able to answer his larger question, when was the “moment at which right took the place of violence and nature became subject to law”. In other words, when does natural law give way to inequality. This paper will provide a comprehensive look at Rousseau’s attempt at answering that…

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  • Summary Of Alexander Hamilton: The Outsider

    The book I chose to read was Alexander Hamilton- The Outsider by Jean Fritz. This book was rated at a 9th grade reading level but could be read in grades 6th- 8th depending on the students. There was quite a bit of information crammed into 144 pages and therefore can be useful in many different ways throughout the different age groups, even in the grades below 6th if the information is just taken from it. This being said, this book can be incorporated in many different ways in the classroom. As…

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  • How Does Hobbes Describe A State Of Nature Summary

    A majority is formed due to the sole reason that it is impossible to have every man consent to a specific law but children cannot be bound by this and should be allowed to live as they please. THOMAS HOBBES 1. How does Hobbes describe a state of nature? (How does Hobbes describe man?) Be sure to use specific examples from the reading. (1 pt.) Hobbes’s opinions on the state of nature are that people are constantly fighting with others for more…

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  • Plagiarism: The Role Of Originality In Literature

    change to what we can expect in literature. Porter starts his article off by introducing the term intertextuality, this is the idea that all text has traces of other text in them. He supports this concept by using the Declaration of Independence and Thomas Jefferson as an example. Porter stated, “if Jefferson submitted the Declaration for a college writing class as his own writing, he might as well have been charged with plagiarism” (Porter 399). Porter uses this point with Jefferson to explain…

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  • George Mason's Anti-Federalist Views

    George Mason was the primary author of the Virginia Declaration of Rights and maintained his Anti-Federalist viewpoints despite being from a primarily Federalist part of Virginia. It is because of George Mason’s comment on September 12, 1787 that the bill of rights became a discussion point. He simple stated he, “wished the plan had been prefaced by a Bill of Rights,” because he thought it would give “great quiet” to the people. He thought it would only take a few hours. Hence, having…

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  • Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation

    make sure both sides were satisfied with the outcome. In the Joseph Ellis’s book, “Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation,” Ellis explains the dreadful foreign and domestic issues the early country faced as well as the negative relationship Thomas Jefferson developed with George Washington and John Adams. The revolutionary generation failed to impose order and stability in the nations early years through the failure of the Articles of Confederation and avoiding the discussion of…

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  • Essay On Woodrow Wilson's 14 Points Speech

    Whether Woodrow Wilson succeeded at the Paris Peace Conference is still a very debatable topic. Many historians consider that Wilson is a highbrow idealist because of his impractical and unrealistic goals, while others will insist that he is a calculative realist who made great contribution to the United States and rose the American international status steps by steps. His 14 Points Speech is a perfect example of idealism. In the speech Wilson talked about freedom of the seas, free trade,…

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  • Summary Of Calixto Garcia's Letter To Castro

    Origin: The author of document is Calixto Garcia’s. Calixto is the author of the letter to General William R. Shafter. The letter was written on July 17, 1898. It was delivered in a letter form to General William R. Shafter who is the head of American Expeditionary Army. Use at the time it was created: This document was indented to show Calixto Garcia’s was being ordered to follow and corporate with the American army and was his letter of protest. He was saying to General William R. Shafter…

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  • Essay On Hobbes State Of Nature

    Would life in the state of nature be ‘solitary, poore, nasty, brutish, and short’? Answer with references to Hobbes. People are astounded by the opinion of Thomas Hobbes about the natural state, and his hideous idea has been controversial for hundreds of years. He claimed that if there was not an extreme powerful authority, our lives in the pre-moral world would be ‘solitary, poore, nasty, brutish and short’. This essay shall argue that despite the instinctive aversion we felt upon it, the…

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  • Comparing Thomas Hobbes, John Locke And Jean-Jacques Rousseau

    Midterm Exam Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau each had their own version of the social contract. Describe and explain the version of the social contract espoused by each of them. Include in your discussion the various views of human nature maintained by these three philosophers and how it affected their ideas of the best form of government. With which points of each of the three philosophers do you agree and/or disagree? Why? The questioning of old beliefs of society had a…

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