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  • Hobbes Vs. Rousseau

    In this paper, I will be analyzing and explaining the way that Hobbes and Rousseau’s ideas regarding the national condition of human beings differ. In my exegesis, I will be discussing how in Leviathan (ch. 13), Hobbes takes a stance regarding egoism, the idea that man always acts in their own interest. I will also be discussing the fact that Rousseau is fundamentally opposed to the ideas in which Hobbes presents. Rousseau believes that society taints the fundamental core beliefs of mankind. I…

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  • Sacrifice In The Crucible, And The Crisis

    opinions are of no use to him, unless you support him personally, for ‘tis soldiers…” (Paine). Paine is talking about how the King expects people to follow him and do as he says not because they agree with his opinions but just because he has the power. Thomas Paine is sacrificing his reputation and her life by pointing out to the people that they should not follow the King's orders or agree with his opinions if they do not believe it themselves. Paine is persuading people to overthrow the king…

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  • Bourbon Reforms In Latin America

    The wars of independence in Latin America must not only be traced back to the impact of the Bourbon reforms but take into consideration the other factors and how these factors are more important for the origins of the wars of independence, such as the French, American and Haitian Revolutions and the creole discontent. The Bourbon reforms, in the 18th century, were aiming to establish administrative uniformity in the region, but also to strengthen Spain’s control of its colonies. This could be…

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  • Unaccustomed Earth By Jhumpa Lahiri

    Week 4 Family and Friends Task 7 – Ten suppressed inventions Suppressed inventions are inventions that have been put an end to it by force. Wardenclyffe Tower is one of the suppressed inventions developed by Nikola Tesla. It could successfully send wireless electricity to any part of the world in abundance (Free Energy, n.d.). Although it has been suppressed because the funding for it was cut by J.P. Morgan, who also ostracized any further funding from any other organizations. Wardenclyffe tower…

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  • Thomas Jefferson: Founding Father Of America

    Thomas Jefferson is a well-known Founding Father of the United States. He has helped form the country we live in today, America. He was a huge part of the Louisiana Purchase by commissioning the Corps of Discovery Expedition. Thomas Jefferson is the third President of The United States for the years 1801-1809. Thomas helped write the First Amendment which was signed on September 17, 1787. Not only was he actively involved in politics, but he grew up on a farm which helped him invent a couple of…

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  • Classical Liberalism: The Melting Pot Of American Society

    The “melting pot” of the world, America has become known as the land of the free and the land of opportunity. Since claiming independence from their mother country, Great Britain, America built their political frameworks around the ideas and thoughts of several Enlightenment philosophers “that all men are created equal.” Granting all citizens the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, America has attracted many to its land; however, they came to America under false assumptions.…

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  • The Cold War Analysis

    John Lewis Gaddis (John Lewis Gaddis), a professor at Yale University, is one of the most prominent American political scholars of the 20th century, especially his second half. The main theme of his works is the Cold War in all its aspects and manifestations. It was she who became the subject of five of his eight monographs, published from 1972 to 2004. Gaddis recently released the ninth book, The New History of the Cold War, in which he summed up his research into this long-standing conflict.…

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  • The Dominguez-Escalante Expedition: Analysis

    The Dominguez-Escalante Expedition was historically important because these men were the first people, not Indians, to explore much of Utah gaining information on the people that they met and the land itself. The Dominguez-Escalante Journal it the accounting of the expedition traveling thru Arizona, Colorado, and Utah. Father Dominguez and Father Escalante’s party included “twelve Spanish colonials and two Indians”. The Mexican Government enlisted a catholic priest, Francisco Dominguez to…

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  • The Role Of British Imperialism In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

    One constant struggle throughout human history is egotism. For centuries, people have wrestled with the inclination to do what they desire versus what is morally correct, and numerous stories have depicted this friction. In his novella Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad employs an egocentric theme to justify the actions of both Marlow and Kurtz and to illustrate Britain's Imperialistic views. As the novel progresses, Marlow becomes increasingly obsessed with Kurtz, a man he has never met. However…

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  • Locke And Innate Ideas

    Locke is one the most important philosophers when it comes to the western world. He was used in his political views for the creation of the declaration of independence. Besides his political views this paper will be talking predominantly about his metaphysical ones: the first one is of his view of the human mind and how we are blank slates and use primary and secondary qualities to create our experiences, second is his points on freewill and how we choose our freedom, and the state of nature and…

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