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  • Essay On Hope In The 19th Century

    desire (“hope”). During the nineteenth century hope was a hard thing to find. This century was filled with disease, immigration, unthinkable working conditions, and crowded cities. People who seemed to bring hope where the inventors, like Edison. Thomas Edison brought hope to the nineteenth century and people today with his brilliant mind and invention of the light bulb. The nineteenth century was the time of the Industrial Revolution. The century was filled innovation and discovery in many…

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  • Nikola Tesla Biography Essay

    Austria. In 1822, Tesla was hired for the Continental Edison Company in Paris [4] where he repaired electrical power plants. After working there for two years (in 1884) he decided to migrate to the New York where an unrecognized Tesla arrives with unparalleled diligence and ingenuity and was hired at Thomas Edison’s company in New York. Segregation did not shadow Tesla in the front of Edison as he was heavily impressed by his persistence. Edison motivated Tesla that he would be paid handsomely…

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  • Inventing Solutions

    first laboratory in Newark (Payson 33). Given his financial stability, Edison married Mary Stilwell. They were married for thirteen years until her demise in 1884. To expand his operations, he set up a research facility in Menlo Park in 1876, which formed his base for inventions. This laboratory was well equipped and, as a result, it created job opportunities to skilled personnel who could help Edison run this facility. Edison and his team made new inventions. Then, he invented the phonograph…

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  • Analyse The Value Of Voltages In Generation, Transmission And Distribution?

    engineering was first pioneered in the early 19th century, and great progress had been made by the time the 19th century came to a close. Most of the advancements were made by the likes of Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse; who all aided in making electricity what it is today. In 1878 Thomas Edison started out by working on a long lasting incandescent lamp, that overcame the problems that some of the earlier designs by other inventors had. He realised that he would need a lamp…

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  • The Importance Of Determination And Pursuing Your Dreams

    people that really stood out to as living determined lives are; Thomas Edison, Carrie Underwood, and my mom. All of these people had a goal that they were willing to work and make sacrifices for. Thomas Edison was not a man that gave up easily. Once he knew what he wanted, Edison made sure he worked to accomplish it. He didn’t care how long it was going to take him, he was going to create a long-lasting light bulb. “It took Edison more than a year to find…

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  • Nikola Tesla's Greatest Invention

    design an alternating current motor, an invention which would lead him to New York City in 1884 to work for the famous Thomas Edison. Tesla has often been credited with discovering alternating current power in the first place, but it was actually first developed by Michael Faraday in the early 1800s. Tesla was inspired by, and made many…

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  • How Did Jane Addams Contribute To Women's Rights

    Jane Addams, born in Cedarville, Illinois in September of 1860, broke many borders as a woman of her time. She is best known for her efforts in creating peace as well as advocating equality for women. She is represented today and in American history by the many organizations she established: the International League for Peace, Woman’s Peace Party, Juvenile Protective Association, and American Civil Liberties Union. Addams had strong opinions about the idea of peace reaching the farthest corners…

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  • Engineering Patent History

    date on which the patent is issued. There has been many famous engineers in the past including Thomas Edison, that have acquired a patent for their invention. During his lifetime, Thomas…

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  • The Impact Of Thomas Edison's Invention Of Light Bulbs

    “I find out what the world needs. Then I go ahead and try to invent it.”-Thomas Edison. In the 1800s’ the only source of light available at night was from fires, candles, and oil lamps which always presented a fire hazard and emitted a smelly odor when used. This gave Edison the idea of creating an alternative source of light with the newly discovered energy, electricity. Invented in 1879, the incandescent light bulb became one of the biggest factor in revolutionizing people 's’ lives. It gave…

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  • The Importance Of The Kinetoscope

    sense of at first glance. Described as “the birth of the movie industry,” the Kinetoscope was originally designed by Thomas Edison in the…

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