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  • Claw Management Of Cats Essay

    Cats love to play no matter what breed they might be. Their playful nature is what made them adored by many. But sometimes, your cat can be rough when playing as they extend their claws trying to outmatch you. Claws are important to cats because they use them for climbing, grabbing, and balancing. Here are some essential facts you need to know about cat’s claws. Cat’s Swiss Army Knife Claws are multi-purpose tools for all types of cats, big or small. Cat’s claws grow in front of their toes,…

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  • Why Dogs Are Better Pets Than Cats

    Jordan Gilbert Why Dogs are Superior Pets to Cats Opening Statement: Hello, I’m Jordan Gilbert, and I truly believe that dogs are the superior pet to cats. I’d like to know what you all think after this fur-ocious debate between my worthy opponent, Savannah, and I. Meet My Dogs: I’d like to let you all know a little more about my connection with dogs. My family and I have taken care of many dogs between raising numerous litters, having our own dogs, and keeping other people’s. I currently have…

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  • Informative Speech About Cats

    If cats could talk, they wouldn't! Fun Facts about our feline friends: It is fascinating how pet cats are the smaller version of those amazing big felines like tigers, jaguars, panthers, lions and we are blessed to enjoy their company at home. If you are a cat lover there are so many things you must learn about this beautiful animal. COMMON NAME: Domestic Cat SCIENTIFIC NAME: Felis catus TYPE: Mammals DIET: Carnivores SIZE: 28 in WEIGHT: 5 to 20 lbs PRESENCE IN WORLD HISTORY Ancient…

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  • Essay On Dogs Are Better Than Cats

    Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats I believe dogs are better companions to humans than cats. Hopefully, after reading the arguments below, you will also be convinced this is the case. Firstly, a study (Valeri 2006) that took 4 groups of 95 people (dog owners, cat owners, dog and cat owners, neither) the dog owners and dog and cat owners laughed more when they used daily “laughter logs”. I believe this shows that dogs provide better companionship and can detect when you are sad and cheer you up.…

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  • Black Cat Unlucky

    Every child might like to have a pet to grow up with them, not just spending the time together but also enjoying the bedtime together, watching the television together……etc. But have you ever think about to have a black cat to be your family member? In many countries, the black cat seems to an “unluckiness” significant. Especially to the places which still remain the old traditional costumes. For an example, in Taiwan, when the elderly people see a black cat, they will try to get away from it or…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Are Dogs Or Cats Better?

    The question of, “Are dogs or cats better?” has been around for a very long time because every person has their own idea of a perfect pet; consequently, there are specific reasons people are partial to one or the other. Since dogs and cats make up the biggest percentage of all household pets, they will be cross examined. The most distinct reasons why this dispute still exists is because of a few points: difficulty of care, habits of the animal, and financial obligation tied to the animal. In…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Fisherman And The Jinnee

    My Personality The fox represents my intelligence. Foxes are considered intelligent animals due to their cunning nature and their ability to hide, build their dens, and protect themselves. I can relate to this I use my intelligence for doing homework, studying, and when taking tests. The image of a person helping another shows a helping hand which represents my kindness. In society, there are people who show kindness…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Having A Teacup Pig

    A teacup pig is just a small pig that has the ability to grow up to 12-16 inches tall and can weigh up to 30 to 65 pounds. At birth, it may only weigh 9 ounces which is really small when compared to the traditional pot bellied pigs. Because it is small, lots of people find them very attractive. However, there are both pros and cons of having these cute animals in your house. Discussed below are the various aspects you need to consider. The Advantages It has a long lifespan. If you are really…

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  • Predator Or Prey: Animal Roles And Relationships

    Often people assume that two species of animals are either predator or prey and that if they are enemies then they can’t help each other, however this is not always true, sometimes individuals from different species of animals can help each other and even bond. An example of such would be a dog that just had puppies might take care of a litter of kittens. Its maternal love would spread even to the kittens and she would become their loving and makeshift mother. The first passage…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Place In The Workplace

    When I walk into a room full of dogs and cats in kennel it smells. I was just about to dump some trash. Suddenly, I heard a rooster was crowing from the back of nowhere, which amazes me because I never thought of a rooster could be on an adoption list. On the way out of the dumpster, they provide a doorstopper in case a volunteer was locking outside. There are two-outdoors areas where they manage and take turns to bring the dog out to do some exercise and we allow going into the cages and…

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