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  • Jumanji Theme

    A strong theme in this book is that the choices we make have consequences whether they are good or bad. In this case the consequences of playing the game were not virtuous which led to unexpected and unfortunate events. Children will always be curious in the early…

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  • The Outsiders Themes

    members of the Greasers must now cope with the consequences of the situation. The three topics addressed in the profound book are: what it takes to be a hero, journey from youth to adulthood, and fight between rich and poor. First, one of the major themes of the story is what it takes to be a hero. “‘I had to. They were drowning you, Pony. They might’ve killed you. And they had a blade… they were gonna beat me up….’" (page--but only a number 57) This quote is significant, because even though…

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  • Gilgamesh Themes

    The Epic of Gilgamesh, rendered by David Ferry, is a story that manages to both transcends and very much be fixated in time with its with it themes. Some themes I find familiar and relatable in the work are that of friendship and loss, and then comes along the idea of how a king should rule that is extremely foreign and baffles me. Breaking down the themes and ideas allows us as historians to better learn of our own selves and the people of our past. Friendship can easily be seen with the…

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  • Theme Of Invictus

    The poem invictus and the documentary evolution of a criminal are some what similar because they both refer to being in a dark place. The themes within the documentary and the poem mainly talks about how someone's life is hard and about their dark place that they was in within some point in their life. In both of the items it makes the reader see what a dark place seems and feels like. In the poem they use strong intense words to make the reader more into the poem. By reading the poem you feel…

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  • Themes In The Landlady

    The setting and characters help show the theme of the story that appearances can be deceiving, people should be more careful with who they trust and that things are not always what they seem. What people let off is not always what they hold inside or there is usually something hidden deep beneath the surface. First, the setting in The Landlady is a Bed & Breakfast, it portrays itself as a very cozy place and makes you feel safe. Although deep inside, under layers is where you wouldn’t normally…

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  • Theme Of The Veldt

    onto the walls and in the story “The Fallout” by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen, a father is obsessed with using technology to create reverse aging. Both of these stories may seem very different however they share a common theme showing us that too much of something is a bad thing. A similar theme in both stories is that too much of something is a bad thing. In “The Veldt” The family we follow in the story has a house that is completely run by technology, the…

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  • Theme Of Loneliness

    Friendship is universal but so is its opposite, loneliness. No one wants to be lonely, but when someone is, they can become desperate for any sort of human contact. In the book Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, this theme of loneliness is explored extensively. In the land of migrant workers, who usually travel around alone, George and Lennie are the exception. They travel around together, coming to this ranch full of other lonely characters. The books is about what goes on at the ranch, George…

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  • Themes In Antigone

    sense of himself as a king and more fundamentally, a man. Antigonê plunged ahead purely on self-belief and her firm convictions of right and wrong. The conflict themes between the state and the individual, between man and woman, between young and old, between conscience and law, and between divine law and moral or human law, are all themes that continue to plague our society today. Creon believed that the greatest evil that society faces is rebelliousness and disloyalty and that, combined with…

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  • The Revenant Themes

    throughout the film. The Revenant comes from the French, which makes sense on why they French were a part of the movie. Alejandro’s did an amazing job directing this movie because it was by far the best movie we watched in class. The film had many themes to it which conducted a great movie. Love is very strong and Glass shows how much he loved his wife and his son. There is nothing more sad then losing people who you love dearly. Revenge took control over glass because that is what is keeping…

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  • Theme Of Transcendence

    normal or physical level” and may refer to the spiritual, the fantastical, the magical or the otherwise immaterial. The theme of transcendence - particularly spiritual transcendence - has been explored through the centuries in religious art, such as that of Giotto di Bondone (1266 – 1337) and Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (1475 – 1564). Michelangelo explored such themes on a monumental scale, in works such as the Sistine Chapel (Figure 1), which depicts beautiful, idealised figures…

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