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  • Nosferatu And Dracula Comparison Essay

    Vampires have changed over the years and the depictions of vampires through the years give us an idea about the anxieties of that time period, the way the people viewed the pressing issues of that time period. I am going to discuss the similarities and the differences between Bram stoker’s Dracula and the film Nosferatu. Dracula was portrayed as a tall old man with a white moustache who appeared to be a human and he had a charm about him normally associated with aristocrats whereas in the film…

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  • The Sinners Of Hell: J-Horror Film Analysis

    Japanese films such as "The Mansion of the Ghost Cat" (Borei Kaibyo Yashiki - 1958), "Lady Vampire" (Onna kyûketsuki - 1959), and "The Sinners of Hell" (Jigoku - 1960) are all examples of Japanese Kaiki films that existed prior to the popularization of the J-horror genre both in Japan and in other countries. Kaiki films can be considered as the main inspiration behind the present-day Japanese horror films and could even be considered as the impetus behind the continued development of this niche…

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  • Dracula Movie Analysis

    other times is whenever he stabbed the cross with the sword and Jesus blood splash all over the place and he drank the blood. And one of the most important parts of the blood it was whenever the girl licked Dracula’s blood and she converted into a vampire and she had to drink that. Even though Dracula didn’t wanted her to do it she fought him and told him that she wanted to be with him…

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  • Symbolism And Anti-Transcendentalism In Bram Stoker's Dracula

    takes care of all the men and in the afterword, she and Jonathan even have a child. Meanwhile, the three vampire women in the novel are her polar opposites. They, too, are vampires, but act very differently. Mina tries her hardest to fight the vampires pull, and even uses her disease as an advantage by seeing what Dracula is doing and informing Van Helsing and the others of his activities. The vampire women however fall into their every desire. They are voluptuous and sexy and try to lure in…

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  • Romanticism And Twilight: Differences Between Film And Film

    one to relate the novel and film to the two chosen modes. The reasoning for the chosen modes vampirism and romanticism are that they are closely related in term of the particular subject vampire romance and are in fact key factors in the novel and film. Romanticism and…

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  • Comparing Stoker's Dracula, The Uncanny 'And' Other

    In conclusion, uncanny sides of London are visible in both novels. Both Levy and Stoker connect the uncanny to the "other." In Dracula, the uncanny "other" is represented by vampires whereas Levy's "others" are immigrants. Additionally, both novels are connected to the empire: Stoker writes during the Victorian period and is visibly influenced by the imperial mind-set; Levy writes in a post-imperial context as her text depicts an empire that is falling apart. The two novels depict the "other"…

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  • Representation Of Women In Dracula

    In Dracula, Stoker presents a stark representation of women and attacks the “New Women”, through the voice of the main women characters, Lucy Westenra and Mina Murray, later known as Mrs. Harker. In the Longman Cultural Edition of Dracula, the term “New Woman” is defined as a “single urban young woman, often working in a new clerical job; she smoked cigars and rode a bicycle and ventured, scandalously into the world on her own” (Blake, Dracula 413). Mina is the epitome of the idealized virtuous…

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  • Degeneracy In Dracula Essay

    existing in a constant threat of regression. These modern anxieties found fruitful soil in literary works that address monstrous characters. One such example is Dracula, written by Anglo-Irish novelist Bram Stoker. The supernatural Count Dracula, a vampire, covets female victims who he can sully with his degenerative blood, turning them into monstrous characters that…

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  • Fake Blood

    So, why not use real blood in stage/film productions? Well, real blood coagulates (thickens/solidifies to a jelly-like state) in the presence of oxygen, which is not helpful in a performance if someone is supposed to be bleeding out. Blood also darkens during this process. So making fake blood turned out to be a more accessible, effective, and dramatic method of enabling blood effects in a scene. So, According to John Hess, from Filmmaker IQ, the most notable uses of fake blood began in Paris.…

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  • Drop Dead Gorgeous: A Short Story

    the bell rang I ran off to class and thought about it long and hard. I do want to become a vampire, and thinking about it got me more excited. I worked out the pros, like no eating, no dying, being young forever. I couldn’t get over my excitement. The excitement continued on to the night, where I would be turned. As I pulled up to the school I got anxious, where did all this come from? I becoming a vampire, like forever. excited, but I don’t want to , but yes I do. I was so confused, but I…

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