The Vampire Diaries

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  • The Nightmare Before Christmas Research Paper

    dead things and weird colors are halloween. In this paragraph I talked about how the decorations are scary. This paragraph, will explain how all the characters are scary. In this movie the characters were skeletons. Some other characters were vampires. Vampires and Skeletons are scary like halloween. In this paragraph I…

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  • The Little Children Can Be Bitten Analysis

    Dennis Foster 's “The Little Children Can Be Bitten” Dracula by Irish author Bram Stoker is a seminal piece of Gothic horror fiction. The novel 's portrayal of an undead master (the titular character) being chased by Van Helsing and his band of vampire hunters has been consumed for over a century. Dennis Foster 's critical article “The little children can be bitten: A Hunger for Dracula” uses a psychoanalytic approach to analyze this influential work of literature. In his article, Foster makes…

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  • Differences Between Buffy, Dracula And Blade

    Dracula, Buffy and Blade use vampires to explore humanities inner monster. The portrayal…

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  • Essay On The Demon In The Odyssey

    A Demon in Disguise The first thing that comes to mind when people use the word ‘monster’ is usually a supernatural creature, such as a vampire or a werewolf. However, in The Odyssey, written by Homer and translated by Robert Fagles, Homer shows that humans can be monsters as well. Odysseus himself can be considered similar to a demon portrayed in the episode “Devil’s Trap” from the television series Supernatural. Directed by Kim Manners, the show relates the story of two brothers, Sam and…

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  • Crossing Boundaries In Gothic Literature

    the gothic literature, it was composed by Bram Stocker (1847-1912). The novel tells the story of a vampire Dracula. This essay will focus on Dracula and show how the concept of crossing boundaries helps to create horror in Gothic stories in aspects the idea of femininity, supernatural and natural and life and death; and some evidence will be extracted from Frankenstein (1818) and Varney the vampire (1845). The woman in Victoria era were given certain roles and requirements. They were expected…

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  • Why Dracula Won T Die Analysis

    Dracula is one of the single most iconic characters in 20th century literature. Dracula by Bram Stoker has launched a vampiric empire into modern day culture. Now there are movies and TV shows and Halloween costumes all inspired by one book about a vampire. This story has been studied for generations in schools and classes in many countries around the world, because it is one of the greatest pieces of literature ever created. The article Why Won’t Dracula Die by Mathias Clasen is an in depth…

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  • Castle Dracula Short Story

    the coffins of every Dracula vampire. “Countess Dracula,” I said and the black marble door opened revealing a fancy room covered in statues and designs on the walls and ceiling. Each coffin had a statue at the head of it of the vampire and on the wall behind the statue great things that he vampire did. In the center there was a fountain of a vampire drinking a woman’s blood. Blood poured out of the tips of the vampire’s wings, the woman’s mouth, the place the vampire was biting her, and…

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  • Differences Between Mina And Dracula

    Besides Lucy, the most significant difference in Bram Stoker’s Dracula the movie was probably Mina. Although she becomes one of the main characters in both the book and the film, she plays a more prominent role in the movie. In the film, she had many of the same traits and characteristics that she did in the book, but in the film, she is also the reincarnation of Elisabeta, Dracula’s first wife who committed suicide. This eventually leads to Mina falling in love with Dracula, even though she…

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  • Dichotomy In Dracula

    words, the attack was “Honey sweet… but with a bitter underlying the sweet.” (Stoker 69). While the vampires fulfill Jonathan’s physical yearning with their beautiful bodies, their tart presence signals to him the possibility of moral violation. These are the women who yield to the impulses that their moral and societal obligations would otherwise prohibit; the sexually tinged bodies of these vampire women terrorize the Victorian man because they embody behaviors that, at the time, were…

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  • Geraldine In Carmilla

    Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu - Carmilla Laura, the narrator in Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s novella Carmilla, fits into the appearance of a typical female victim in vampire literature. Long before she meets the titular character, she had a dream or rather a nightmare about a woman bearing a striking resemblance to Carmilla, who sang her fangs into the maiden’s body. Despite the fear, she helps the woman after the accident and invites her in. Laura easily and without much thought happens to trust…

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