The Two Towers

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  • The Atomium: World War II, World's Fair

    The Atomium originally built for the first major exposition after the World War II, World’s Fair 1958 which also known as Expo 58 in Brussels, Belgium. The Atomium stands 102 metres tall with nine spheres and its stainless steel clad spheres are connected so that the whole forms the shape of a unit cell of an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times. Actual designed by a Belgian engineer, Andre Waterkeyn, Atomium supposed to stand only for the duration of the sixth-month of the World Exposition…

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  • Analyzing Donald Trump's Immigration Reform

    Donald Trump and Immigration Donald Trump is truly a household name. If you know who Donald Trump is, then you also know how strongly he feels about immigrants. In my opinion, people don’t feel neutral towards Trump. They either despise him, or love him. For my sources I chose a scholarly article related to Trump and immigration, a biography on Trump, and Trump’s immigration reform from his website. In this paper I will address some of Trump’s business success, talk about how he feels about…

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  • Personal Narrative-My Most Epecial Place In Chicago

    There is a lot of moments in many places in the world; however, there are some places having especial moment you won’t forget for ever. Willis tower is an unusual place in Chicago. Willis tower, which is a point of pleasure for many people in the USA. I had a fantastic experience; I wish if I could to regained that’s moment to enjoy it again and again. I don’t think so, I will forgetting a tiny detail of all that day. I had a mix of emotions wondered, exciting, and something happed inside my…

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  • Rhetorical Ethos In Elizabeth Browning's Pleading Letter To Napoleon III?

    In Elizabeth Browning’s pleading letter to Napoleon III, Elizabeth uses many rhetorical devices in order to convince the Emperor of France to pardon Hugo. She flatters His Majesty Napoleon III in an attempt to win his goodwill. Second, she uses syntax in order to create an intelligent letter. Finally, she thoroughly explains her purposes to Napoleon. Thus using flattery, syntax, and logos, Browning was able to effectively persuade Napoleon III to pardon Hugo,had of course he sent the letter.…

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  • Tower Of Babel Language

    history and language appreciation and essential to individuals and society. Through understanding the values and benefits of language, people is able to grow and embrace the linguistic formation. The Tower of Babel. At the beginning, the whole world had one language and a common speech. But since the Tower of Babel, languages are scattered over the face of the whole earth. Today, there are approximate…

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  • Persuasive Syrian Refugees Essay

    becoming harder and harder to maintain world peace. Isis, a Syrian extremist group attacking in the pursuit of taking over Syrian territory is one of many that are making it difficult to live without fear. On November 13th, 2015 Isis attacked The Eiffel Tower in Paris, leaving 130 victims killed. The rising issue within countries that are allowing Syrian refugees are whether there should be allowed refugees to enter the country or viewing them as a possible attack in the future. It is…

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  • Satan In Popular Culture

    inherit our sinful nature from Adam and Eve because we descended from them. (Smith, 2016 ) Similarly, satanic popular culture characters have ‘inherited’ biblical Satan’s attributes. The Dark Knight’s Joker epitomizes deception and trickery. He offers two stories describing the origin of his facial scarring and never reveals which, if any are true. Additionally, he tells Batman where Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes are being held but he tricks him into rescuing Dent and the police are unable to…

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  • My Trip Essay

    Since we were going to the city of Pisa, it was a no brainer that we had to go see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. When we arrived to the Piazza dei Miracoli, which is where the tower is located, I was overwhelmed with the amount of tourist trying to capture the impeccable image of themselves trying to make it look they were holding the leaning tower in place. It was impossible for me to snap this picture with no one in the background because there were far too many people…

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  • Reflective Essay On Videotape

    The lesson I chose to videotape was a two day writing lesson I taught the second grade students. The focus of this writing lesson was for students to be able identify the overall problem in a reading and find strong evidence that shows how the problem was solved. Then once that strong evidence was found, the students needed to write a written paragraph that answered how the problem was solved. I began teaching this lesson on Tuesday, March 22nd, and began videotaping the last portion of the…

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  • Why Is Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Is Pure Evil

    There is a good and a bad in every story. The famous idea of having an angel and a devil on one’s shoulders is the main focus in the novel In The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. Dr. Henry Jekyll is a well known and respected scientist who does dangerous experiments. One of his experiments created a clone of himself, but only his evil side. Whenever he takes the special potion he created, Henry Jekyll turns into a new man. This man he created was Edward…

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