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  • The Trouble With Geniuses Part 2 Analysis

    In Chapter 4 of Outlier’s "The Trouble with Geniuses, Part 2," starts out about the story of growth in Chris Langan. It about Chris Langan and how came up from poverty and a troubled childhood: with his biological father disappearing at a young age and how he took his last name from his biological mother's abusive and thoughtless fourth husband. After how Langan grew up during hard times, Langan eventually attended Reed College on a full scholarship. However, in which he lost the…

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  • Maus: A Survivor's Tale, And My Troubles

    Adolf Hitler, were responsible for the genocide of millions of Jews and other undesirables in Poland and the death camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau. Maus: A Survivor’s Tale, I: My Father Bleeds History and Maus: A Survivor’s Tale, II: And Here My Troubles Began, are graphic novels written my Art Spiegelman. Chronicling the story of the Holocaust through the eyes of his father, Vladek, Maus I and II depicts humans drawn in animal form to tell the story of the struggles and horrors suffered by the…

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  • Do Sports Keep Teens Out Of Trouble?

    they help keep teens out of trouble? At some point every teenager falls under the ropes of peer pressure, whether it is the use of alcohol, drug use or even involved in some type of violent crime. Teenagers want to feel included in some way, and any way they can feel included teenagers tend to follow that path. I have read many articles and essays stating that teenagers involved in after school activities like sports, can lower the chances of them getting in trouble. Sports takes away that…

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  • Analysis Of Gender Trouble By Judith Butler

    Imagine a woman. What is she wearing? Is she wearing makeup? What is her genre of attire? If you imagined a woman wearing a dress, with a bold lipstick color, in high heels, looking casual and playful, you are not alone. Now image a man. What is he wearing? Is he wearing makeup? What is his genre of attire? In this mental picture, you might have imagined a man wearing a t-shirt or button down shirt, most likely not wearing makeup, in flat-bottomed shoes, possibility looking serious yet still…

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  • Social Dilemmas: Social Issues And Personal Troubles

    Prompt 3: Before evaluating and categorizing social situations as “troubles” or “social issues”, we first must have a clear understanding of the two classifications. Troubles are personal. They are, “a result of something they did or did not do.” (Page 32). Social issues refer more to a problem within in a society that can affect individuals. Social issues are more of an outside perspective and influences. In order to evaluate situations, we have to use social imagination. Mills defined social…

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  • In Gender Troubles: Audre Lorde And Judith Butler

    Lorde and Butler Society has a strange fixation with placing anything and everything into one category or another. Talking to any person today can show just how different and similar one can be to another. For instance, when you think of a writer, how many varying faces and personalities’ rushes through your head? Audre Lorde and Judith Butler are two such writers that share a connection through their craft and their meaning. Though they may have these general similarities, they have their…

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  • Catherine Savini's Essay Analysis: Looking For Trouble

    Looking for Trouble: Finding Your Way into a Writing Assignment” The following essay was written by Catherine Savini and was published in Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing, Volume 2, which is a textbook for writing classes. This essay claims that in order to succeed in writing, a student first needs to identify a problem on the prompt. In other words, the student should seek on the prompt a part that intricate him, that makes him think critically about the prompt. Therefore, when the student…

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  • Celebrate Boys They Re In Serious Trouble Analysis

    Joleigh Pool PHI 1306 Response to Moylan In “If Not Even The Boy Scouts Can Celebrate Boys, They’re In Serious Trouble,” Lori Moylan argues that allowing girls to enlist in Boy Scouts will undermine the original purpose of Boy Scouts. She argues: 1) Allowing girls into the Boy Scouts undermines the original purpose and mission of the Boy Scouts. 2) If allowing girls into Boy Scouts undermines the original purpose and mission of the Boy Scouts, then girls should not be allowed in the Boy…

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  • Analysis Of The Trouble With The Term Art By Carolyn Dean

    standards of white Europeans, who often forced their customs or religion on people they had colonized, Western civilizations continue to push their cultural standards on other parts of the world, especially when it pertains to art. In the essay, “The Trouble with the Term Art”, Carolyn Dean raises questions about the overwhelming western standard of art, and how different cultures have different views of aesthetic beauty. The central argument of Dean’s essay is that the normal definition of art…

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  • Religious Freedom In Trouble By Michael De Groote

    there was a woman wearing a niqab (which is a full face veil, where the woman is covered from head to toe) who was asked to leave the Opera, or remove her niqab and stay to watch the rest of the Opera. From an article called “Religious Freedom in Trouble” by Michael De Groote, it says that countries like China, Nigeria, and Russia had increases in social hostility against religion. This became tragic when people were being killed over the religion that they were. From 2008 to…

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