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  • Chairman Mao Song Analysis

    Long March. The mood of the song is upbeat compared to the grueling Long March. However, the lyrics and title provide many similarities to the March. The first two lines of the song are, “I 'm gonna fight 'em off A seven nation army couldn 't hold me back. One could consider Mao to be the narrator, ‘em to be The Nationalist Party and the seven nation army also is the nationalist party. Note, that at the beginning of the March the Nationalist Party forces were over 4 times the size of Mao’s…

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  • Examples Of My Mission Essay

    My mission You must see the series of action spy films Mission Impossible describing that some agents are appointed to overcome many difficulties to fulfil formidable and hard missions. So what does mission means? A mission is a task that people should spare no effort to fulfil it.And the mission varies from person to person. In my life, the mission differs with time. In the past, the significant mission is to study hard and enter an ideal university; now, the mission is to go to Sichuan…

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  • Room 101 George Orwell Analysis

    betrays Julia. As O’Brien is putting the mask on Winston’s face, Winston gives in, saying “do it to Julia! […] tear her face off, strip her to the bones.” (286).This must happen because everyone’s loyalty must reside in Big Brother. Winston loved Julia more than he loved Big Brother and now that he does not, he accepts Big Brother. 9. Winston meets Julia in the park a little while after being in the Ministry of Love. They both immediately confess to betraying the other. Winston “did not attempt…

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  • State Of Mind In Shakespeare's Hamlet

    King Hamlet tells his son that when he was napping, Claudius, his brother, poured poison into his ear which kills him. Many people believe that the king was simply killed by a poisonous snake. However, Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude, soon marries Claudius who has become the new King of Denmark. This leads Hamlet to believe that his father was the victim of his brother's treachery. Claudius knows that Hamlet is aware that he killed his father, which is depicted as Claudius attempts to prove to…

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  • Theme Of Moral Ambiguity In A Song Of Ice And Fire

    assassination plots, blood feuds, and illicit betrayals, characters in A Song of Ice and Fire make decisions that are not necessarily good nor evil. Tyrion Lannister encapsulates this moral ambiguity that pervades the series. He is a complex, dynamic character who cannot be defined by one trait. He can be kind, eloquent, and gentle, yet can also be vindictive, bitter, and intemperate. Tyrion consorts with prostitutes, drinks far too often, and even kills at various times. Yet Tyrion is one of…

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  • Outsiders In King Claudius

    Aidan Harju Mrs. Murphy Class code 24 April 2016 Title The poem “King Claudius” by C.P Cavafy depicts the story of Hamlet as a tragic tale of a King who was unjustly murdered by his own nephew. He summarized the tale through the eyes of an outsider, saying that this was a “very sad story of that unfortunate king killed by his nephew because of some fanciful suspicions.” (Cavafy 4-7). Though some of his accusations are understandable from the point of view of an outsider,with the information…

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  • The Search For Absolute Knowledge In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    While searching for absolute knowledge, Victor becomes completely obsessed and he begins to not care about anything else besides his chase for absolute knowledge.”My father had often, during my imprisonment, heard me make the same assertion; when I thus accused myself, he sometimes seemed to desire an explanation, and at others he appeared to consider it as the offspring of delirium, and that, during my illness, some idea of this kind had presented itself to my…

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  • The Regidor By Antonio Guzman Analysis

    wide open as she listened, occasionally putting her hand through her red hair. ‘So you’d be a spy, Antonio. And you’d be away from Madrid. You’d be spying and reporting back to the regidor what you’d discovered. You’d have the protection of a spy, a pistol concealed about you, loaded and primed. If anyone suspected that you were spying on them they’d kill you. Dead!’ ‘He never mentioned the word “spy” but, yes, I…I suppose you could be right. It’s the element of danger that makes it…

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  • Unhealthy Lifestyles In The Outsiders

    How would being alone change you? With no parents and just no adults in general, how would that affect you? In The Outsiders, having no adults there to be responsible results in an unhealthy lifestyle for Greasers and Socs alike. With no adults around, the Socs lead very unhealthy lifestyles. One example of their unhealthy lifestyles is while they are drinking. Cherry picks up on these unhealthy choices when she states: “A little? You call reeling and passing out in the car a little?” But…

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  • Roles Of Women In Hamlet Essay

    respected by these male figures. Hamlet and her brother fight on her grave, making their love for her a competition instead of mourning their loved one. Gertrude’s death raises a lot of questions because Shakespeare is never absolutely clear in his plays. She takes the poison and when Claudius tells her not to drink it she says "I will, my lord; I pray you, pardon me" (V.ii.318) This may be showing an independence and bravery to save her son, but this independence is what kills her in the…

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