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  • The Pilgrim Morals

    She now believes more so than ever, that nothing of earthly existence truly matters, and that it is only what is above us that holds any importance. “There’s wealth enough, I need no more, farewell my pelf, farewell my store. The world no longer let me love, my hope and treasure lie above.” And finally, from Jonathan Edwards, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” is certainly one written source that emphasizes the consequences of those that are not pure and saved on not only the individual,…

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  • Ryea Rouge Grace Rose Character Analysis

    “Let me in! I need in for 10 minutes!”I lie. “No you need in for 5 minutes” she winks. How did she- oh she is part seer and empath. A seer is someone who can see the future and an empath can feel your feelings. But since Ryea is only part of a seer and part of an empath she can only use her powers a little bit. She is giving me more time than I need but still. I wanted to see if there- My thoughts are cut off with the sound of metal against metal. I hate it but I stand strong anyways. “ who…

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  • Summary: The Future Of NFL Quarterbacks

    He was drafted in the third round from the University of Wisconsin. The Seattle Seahawks in the 2012 offseason picked up Green Bay Packers backup quarterback Matt Flynn who was originally going to start the season. Pete Carroll decided against it and started the rookie instead. That decision changed the dynamic of the team. He went on to win rookie of the year that season. Although they had Marshawn Lynch in the backfield…

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  • Pheena Berwick: A Short Story

    morning. I have always loved to explore, adventure, and sneak around. Late at night I would often slide out of bed and sneak around the house trying to see how much I could roam about before the threat of getting caught became too high. I woke up on that lazy Saturday morning to the light streaming through my window. I could hear my younger brother still sleeping in the bunk above mine.…

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  • James Weldon Johnson's Autobiography Of An Ex-Colored Man

    narrators class, and requests, “white students scholars to stand for a moment”, he does so, and in return is demanded by his teacher to remain seated. The significance and irony of this revelation has brutishly teaches taught the narrator that he is not who he believes to be, which is white. For the significance of the situated predicament is that it’s the education system that has changed the narrator’s perception of himself, and taught him where he where he is categorized in to society.…

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  • Graduation Speech: A Hero's Story

    story about a man who flew a plane ever told some would call it a myth some would call it a flat out lie but i call it a time in history to remember. this is a story of a man named Vince Sethins a man best in his flight school soon became a known flyer as he exited the school doors of his highly renowned flight school he could feel the afternoon dew on the tip of his nose. as he was parking his Aero Commander 100 for which he called the Green Gazelle given to him by his grandfather (who was the…

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  • The Downfall Of Hamlet In William Shakespeare's Play

    forces his mother to never sleep with Claudius again. Hamlet forces is anger on his mother by pushing her down making her see what she is and the horrible act she did by marrying a man like Claudius. As their argument continues Hamlet discovers a spy listening to them. Hamlet in rage believes it is Claudius and takes his sword and stabs it through the arras. Coming behind the arras Polonius cry, “O, I am slain” (III.iv.24)! Hamlet has killed Polonius because of his obsession to kill Claudius…

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  • Lion Similes In The Iliad

    for violence and fury; the poem often reading as a cascade of bloodshed, page after page narrating the countless deaths in the slaughter outside the walls of Troy. The rage of these warriors, and of course most of all Achilleus, seems insurmountable—who could possibly match their anger and strength? However, within the poem itself one creature finds itself at the forefront; its ferocity something beyond the heroes of the epic. This is the lion. Its fury is unmatched: devouring, ravaging, killing…

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  • Examples Of Tragic Hero In The Great Gatsby

    the lives of others. Nick Carraway, the narrator of the novel and one of Gatsby’s only friends, was greatly affected by Gatsby. Nick was always one who kept to himself and he admitted “I’m inclined to reserve all judgements” (1). Despite witnessing immoral behaviour in others close to him, he did not speak out. Rather than speaking out against the man who cheated on his cousin Daisy, he visited the woman he had an affair with, explaining “Though I was curious to see her, I had no desire to meet…

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  • The Importance Of Revenge In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

    him how Claudius killed him by putting poison into his ear. Hamlet seeks revenge for his dead father and wants to kill Claudius for his crime. Hamlet deals with many adversities with his family, friends, and himself. His father was killed by Claudius who married Gertrude and took over the King’s position. His so called friends can’t be trusted…

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