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  • Examples Of Heroes Today

    that tomato pickers had to endure. Claire Dundee, a sixteen year old girl scout, recognized a problem that others faced. She decided to help a nearby homeless shelter for children, so that they can have an opportunity to enjoy their childhood. Claire realized that these kids were not as fortunate as many others and that they do not have a place for amusement. She used their experiences to help motivate her into building a basketball court for them. Like Claire and Lucas, there is an empowering story of a boy named Peter Zucca. Peter, who was diagnosed with cancer at age two, lost his hearing and had to have his legs amputated. He was expected to live for a short while, but his cancer was cured soon after. The article written by the Philadelphia Inquirer writes, “Peter went from crawling to dragging his body along the floor, and he could not hold down food.” Peter was practically touching noses with death, but he persevered. He used his victory against cancer as a pathway to help guide others who are in the same position he was. He also used his past experience as a way to help children who have lost hearing due to cancer. These three adolescents, used what they had experienced and had witnessed in a way that they could make a difference for many people. The ideas that were created by these three heroes caused them to come up with a solution for their problem. In order to have their ideas come to life, they got help from others. Lucas Benitez got help from fellow tomato…

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  • Similarities Between Frederick Douglass And Benjamin Franklin

    was able to persuade comrades to try to escape and though he doesn’t mention his path, it can be inferred he might’ve read the safe route to New York. He had a great deal of respect for life, as he not only valued his, but everyone’s. It is seen many times in his writing, his general understanding for the way his master’s acted, and also his regard for the current slaves- his only writing enough to discover their condition, but not reveal their abilities to escape to the population. Benjamin…

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  • The Cosmopolitan Canopy Analysis

    In Elijah Anderson’s The Cosmopolitan Canopy, he delves into the diverse city of Philadelphia and observes how people of different ethnicities and backgrounds experience and interact with each other, as well as the city itself. Many areas of the city are segregated, whether it be by socioeconomic status, race, or background. However, within the city, there are many areas of harmony. Elijah Anderson calls these pockets, “cosmopolitan canopies”. A cosmopolitan canopy is viewed as public space in…

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  • No Place For Hate

    It is an initiative campaign that enables schools and organizations to challenge anti-Semitism, racism and bigotry as a whole. No Place for Hate has an innovative and powerful model for creating more inclusive environments, it aims to reduce bias and bullying, increase appreciation for diversity and build communities of respect. The initiative is free-of-charge, and is tailored to fit the needs and cultures of any school or organization. The Philadelphia Regional Office first implemented No…

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  • Chester County: Case Study

    Chester County is where I have been raised all my life, it’s a wonderful area. It is located in southern Pennsylvania in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, about fifteen miles from Philadelphia. Specifically it is located at 40.0010 degrees N, 75.8069 degrees W. William Penn founded the county in 1682 making it one of his three original Pennsylvania colonies. It was named after Chester, England. The landscape is beautiful here, lots of rolling hills and valleys flourishing with wildlife and…

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  • Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs Study

    I have graduated from Montgomery County Community College with a degree in liberal arts. I have enrolled in all of the courses I have been interested in thus far while still fitting them into the program requirements for my program. I feel have built an excellent infrastructure to continue onwards towards a Bachelor’s degree in any direction. As for my academic goals, I plan to earn a degree biology and work in the scientific field or health professional field in the future. My personal goals…

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  • Graffiti Art History

    Art is something that has kept the city of Philadelphia such a huge tourist attraction. Besides the art museum steps that rocky runs up, and the fact that the Constitution and The Declaration of Independence were signed in the city, art from Philadelphia has had a huge impact on the art world. Graffiti, any writing or drawing that has been scratched or painted onto a wall or surface, usually in a public place, has been a large and long part of the art culture part of the art world in…

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  • Essay On Benjamin Franklin's Inggenuity

    Ingenuity is the quality of being clever, original. This definition must have been written with Benjamin Franklin in mind. Throughout his lifetime he invented many things, many of which are still used today. He made the lighting rod, stove, bifocal eyeglasses,(Block 42). His ingenuity helped build the foundation of the United States, which wouldn’t have been accomplished without Benjamin Franklin. The first invention that showed ingenuity was the invention of the lightning rod. “The lighting…

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  • Essay On What America Means To Me

    In this essay, I will be talking about what America means to me. I will be talking about 3 main ideas. The first idea is valor, which is great courage in the face of danger. The second idea is independence, the idea of being independent. The last idea is liberty, an idea where it is the state of being free, within the society. All of these ideas are conceived in American history and define our country. The first idea is valor, which is great courage in the face of danger. In the USA, our…

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  • How Did William Penn Influence Society

    Although he remained in the colonies for only twenty-two months, he saw to the laying out of Philadelphia. With this, he saw to the sound and permanent establishing of the government, the attracting by advertising, the movement of thousands of colonists from Holland and Ireland as well as from England to Philadelphia, and peace with the Indians. William Penn’s sense of democracy later formed the basis of the American Constitution. William Penn’s influence on America was fantastic. He worked…

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