The Other Gods

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  • Lacanian Theory Of The Mirror Stage: The Artist Is Present

    He isn’t—the concept of this mirror phase is simply more applicable in other stages of life, rather than just between 6-18 months. He actually touches on this broadness, though not in the same direct manner, saying that “[i]t suffices to understand the mirror stage […] as an identification, in the full sense analysis gives to the term” (Lacan 76). He himself is defining this stage of development as a manner of identification. Mirriam-Webster defines that word as a “psychological orientation of the self in regard to something […] with a resulting feeling of close emotional association”. Is this not what Lacan is describing through his explanation of the mirror phase’s applicability to film and media as a whole? The emotional connection is directly related to the reader’s sense of self, hence the concept of mirroring…

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  • Childish Shame Of Depression: A Literary Analysis

    depression is characteristic of the ‘self as other’, as s/he proceeds along the tightrope to a childlike truth negating immutability. This does not function the same as an ‘self for other’ uncertainty, one which causes her/him to falter along the tightrope moving away from an adult reality remonstrating certainty. The distancing of forces happening within a will turned in against itself, crystallizes a part of the ‘self as the other’, along the intersubjective axes of ‘self-talk’: ‘who I am,’…

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  • I Am Crazy Because I M Different From Everyone Else Analysis

    else.’ with this quote constantly running through my mind, I personally understood what Madrid meant when he said that the Other”results in us feeling excluded, or even disdained and scorned.” As a child I always felt as if I played the role of the other. I was different in ways such as loving to learn, and being an overly outgoing person with different points of view, and as a result; I found that other children were quick to single me out of their groups. Very few ever accepted…

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  • Vikings Influence On American Culture

    Vikings were an impactful group of people during the Middle Ages. Vikings were an intimidating group of people that defeated enemies, won battles, and influenced European culture. The viking religion influenced later religion. Their warfare strategies are still used today. Vikings were influential. Vikings were polytheistic in their religion. The vikings worshipped seven gods in their religion. “Viking gods were believed to be part of nature and could be as foolish as humans.” Odin, Thor,…

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  • Nui Meaning

    normal, but most importantly, he is special. With today’s culture, we see less significance in ourselves and more in the people who “matter the most.” Our youth is idolizing others when in reality, they need to take a step back and evaluate themselves. Every single person on this earth will forever have significance tied to their name. No one is made the same, therefore they are all special. Everyone was made differently on purpose; we were not made to be the exact same. People have struggles…

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  • Essay On Clara Monologue

    together through thick and thin since they were little, always by each others side, if you didn't know them you’d think they were sisters. Dawn breaks out the video camera to get every moment, every smile on tape, to rewatch over…

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  • Love: Love In Relationship

    accusing him of inappropriate things. This is an example of the major trust issues with relationships, therefore; young adults, even as young as high school students, need to take being wholly committed to their significant other as a serious matter. Support is the only way we can make it through life without giving up on our dreams. Times get hard, we give up. We don’t get the exact answer we wanted, we give up. There are so many reasons to want to give up but your partner is there to remind…

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  • Summary Of Chapter 15 Formed For God's Family

    Family. And uses the verse,“I am the vine, you are the branches”, from John 15:5 for the foundation of this section. He begins Chapter 15: Formed for God’s Family, by introducing the reader to Hebrews 2:10a which says “God is the One who made all things, and all things are for His glory. He wanted to have many children share His glory.” In the beginning when God created Adam and Eve God formed a plan for His people to glorify Him. The crazy thing is that we all were formed by God but we aren’t…

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  • Rick Reilly's Article: Nothing But Nets By Rick Reilly

    From Money to Nets to Lives Humans often take their own lives for granted; never thinking too much of those who may be less fortunate. We go about our daily lives worried about celebrities, or sports; rather than food or uncontrolled diseases in our country. Many others do not get that luxury. Rick Reilly writes his article, “Nothing But Nets,” on the back page of popular sports magazine, Sports Illustrated, to request money from his audience, so that mosquito nets may be purchased for African…

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  • Mas Ruf: A Fictional Narrative

    her home. Where did she go?” His tears quickly turned to anger. “Joe you have to promise me that you’ll calm down; we have to get ready to leave.” “Leave, leave where?” The kid simply didn’t understand that he wasn’t free. He didn’t understand that he was one of us now. Now that his father was dead and had died before he could finish writing his and his sister’s free papers. He laid on my arm and began to cry some more. Then he suddenly looked up and asked, “What about Grandma and Uncle…

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