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  • Argumentative Essay: The Importance Of Youth Sports

    There are many youth activities outside of school that may not contribute to helping yourself become better. Children who play sports may have some advantages over those who do not choose to play sports. Specifically competitive youth sports that can help teach important life skills needed. The teamwork that is needed in competitive youth sports helps children interact with others. Competitive youth sports should be played by children to better help develop life skills needed to be successful…

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  • Kids Should Play Sports Persuasive Essay

    everyone loves competitive sport. in this day and age everyone wants to play a sport I think the parents should let them play a dangerous sport. Because the kid sees it on tv also the parent can 't keep them for too long because. they gone to keep asking the parent can they play . and they want to be like there fov sport player. so the parents let them play the sport to make friends, and have brotherhood or sisterhood And they get a lot exercise everyday to get better and they learn how…

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  • High School Sports Are Beneficial To Students

    When students first enter high school it’s a big step. When they are new to high school, we encourage our children to join sports and different types of clubs. But are sports beneficial to them? Some parents may argue that they just add more pressure but there are plenty of benefits that can override some of the disadvantages. High school sports are beneficial to students because it teaches students good sportsmanship, and later forms good citizens. This is important because it proves kids who…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey To A Hockey Team

    something along those lines. But then, the rumors were true, I was to go to the Kings to play hockey, because of budget. I didn’t like it, but it had to be done. I packed up my stuff, and made the long journey to LA, cross country trip, to settle with my new team. I didn't care that I was traded, but tons of fans didn’t like it. Anyway, I just wanted to have fun, and hockey was fun, no matter what team I was to play for. That year, I put up numbers only second to Lemieux, which I was fine…

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  • Personal Narrative: Football Vs. Basketball

    easier to understand rather than Basketball. I don’t really have a favorite football team I can get grasp the concept more. I understand the flags, the plays, and the terms for some of their doings. Though football games usually last around 3 hours, the ball is typically in play for only 11 minutes. So I don’t have to sit and watch a game for a long time. It sometimes is fun to watch because you can do almost everything right and still lose because of one little miscue. This is what makes it so…

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  • Personal Narrative: Minecraft And A Dirt Bike Game

    I remember was five went I got my ps3. I was playing a dirt bike game. I was jumping around on the bed really happy and inpatient. I wanted to play already bad and it takes so long to load. When it loaded I was ready to play. I was doing backflips on the four-wheeler over and over again and again until I went to the race it was hard to win every one. I had to do tricks to win and I did. I was five when I was introduced to video games. My grandma bought me a ps3 with a couple games. One…

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  • Explain How Games Technology And Communication Have Changed Over Time

    uniforms with leather (pigskin) helmets. Back in the early 1900s, they used to play with marbles, and they thought that was very entertaining. Individuals would draw a circle in the dirt, and try to hit other people’s marble with theirs. The only rule is your marble can’t go out of the circle, or you lose points. Children would also play hopscotch with their peers at school. Sometimes, they would play it all day long! Moreover, technology is the…

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  • Comedy Of Errors Belonging Analysis

    Have you ever felt like you don't belong where you are and like you should be somewhere else? In the play The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare, Egeon and Antipholus of Syracuse are separated from parts of their family and are searching for the others. Shakespeare uses motifs such as water, exchanges and limit of understanding to convey their search for a sense of belonging. The play begins with the shipwreck. When Egeon’s family is separated in a storm Egeon takes Antipholus and…

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  • The Importance Of Play In Child Development

    against the assertion that play is crucial for children’s development Play is a child’s natural innate way of exploring the world around them through their senses; their desire to explore is guided through play and real life interaction. Many psychologists agree that play is crucial in childhood too gain higher levels of cognitive, emotional, social and academic development and without play development could be delayed. Research shows there is a strong link between play and developing socially,…

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  • Singin In The Rain Critique

    The musical Singin’ In The Rain was an enjoyable experience that had myself laughing and following along with the classical music hits. Being completely honest, I’m not a person who would go to a musical on my own freewill, plays just never had my interest. I remember as a kid, my best friend was into musical movies, so had to sit through Chicago and even Singin’ In The Rain and pretended to like them. However, viewing this musical in college with young students as the actors it seemed more…

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