The Impact of Technology on Dance and Dance Companies Essay

  • Merce Cunningham: A Lifetime Of Dance

    Merce Cunningham: A Lifetime of Dance. Merce Cunningham didn’t start dance at a really young age, he started when he was 12. He was introduced to dance by Maude Barrett who was attended the same church he did. Maude Barrett was performed in Circus’ and she became Cunningham’s first dance teacher. Barrett taught Cunningham avant-garde tap dance. Cunningham says that the idea of dance should be considered with “each single instant: stayed with him throughout all his dance career. Cunningham attended George Washington University for a year and then quickly transferred to the Cornish College of the Arts, which is located in Seattle, Washington. Cunningham originally majored in Theatre and later switched his major to dance because he said that theatre was too restricting for his taste. Cornish College equipped their student with all the forms of art and John Cage who would later become Merce Cunningham’s partner, in his company , taught a composition class, where these two first met. Cunningham’s first spark in becoming a great modern dancer started after he went to a summer programs at Mills College in Oakland. In Oakland he met many of the top names in modern dance; Doris Humphrey, Hanya Holm and Martha Graham. Martha Graham told him that if he ever came to the Big Apple she would put in a dance. His mother quickly accepted the idea of Merce Cunningham dancing but his father was a little more reluctant. And He later joined Martha Graham's dance company in 1939 and stayed until…

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  • The Evolution Of Modern Dance

    Three Artists: Throughout this mass world of dance, there are many extraordinary choreographers, dancers, artists, and innovators that impact young artists. Sometimes we tend to forget the different eras of dance. For example, the early to mid twentieth century, 1960s-1980s, and of course the twenty-first century. It is important to understand the evolution of how modern dance evolved. It provides us a history and background, so we can grasp a better understanding on what it is we are learning…

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  • Dance Essay: Merce Cunningham And John Cage

    Dance Essay: Merce Cunningham Merce Cunningham was a dancer and choreographer known for his long time collaboration with composer John Cage. Cunningham is known as one of the most influential choreographers of the 20th century. He was among the first to challenge the conventions of the founding generation of modern dance. John Cage was an American Composer, music theorist and artist. He was one of the most influential American composers of the 20th century. These two influential men became…

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  • Advantages And Conclusion Of Social Media

    Introduction Computers have made its way to become the greatest impact to the twenty first century, it has shown people that the world is not as far as it seems to be. The world has become so much smaller with Social Medias appearing such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and much more. People connect with one another from the other side of the world, seeing videos, pictures of other people with various backgrounds, living their own life. In the time of social media becoming the biggest part of…

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  • Colonialism And Colonialism

    the white western government (Saul, 2017). The declaration was due to the protest of indigenous people that helped abrogate the second-class citizenship due to the damage of power and technology, which control, stimulates and influences the world (Saul, 2017). This helped the indigenous peoples’ voice to be heard instead hearing it from the white society (Glauser, 2011). The process was long as the declaration brings down all forms of structure and control in the indigenous communities (Saul,…

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  • Glee Character Analysis

    disabilities are portrayed on television and in film has a significant impact on how society views them. The television series ‘Glee’ is a popular show with a wide audience of viewers and numerous characters who have disabilities. Given Glee’s viewership, this show can shape how many young people view the disabled community. Therefore, I chose to explore Glee’s character Artie Abrams, a high school student who is bound to a wheelchair due an injury he sustained in a car accident as a child.…

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  • John Kao's Theory Of Organizational Change

    distribute data, knowledge, and information in a time known as the digital revolution (Digital Revolution, 2010). The evolution of technology during this timespan has had a tremendous impact on people’s daily activities, social lives, work experience, and more. The current transformation to the creative age is encouraging people to figure out how to creatively and innovatively use the information generated in the information age. Within the emerging creative age, Michanek and Breiler (2013)…

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  • Importance Of Innovation In Events

    which they make and convey those offerings. This is seen not just at the level of the individual venture yet progressively as the wellspring for national financial development. "For instance, the UK Office of Science and Technology consider it to be 'the engine of the advanced economy, transforming thoughts and learning into products and services. There are key themes involved when it come to events innovation, culture and environment management. Therefore innovative companies, such as The…

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  • Ymca, A Charitable Organization

    supporting the communities. They provide access to the amenities, such as gym and swimming pools, of the YMCA facilities and enrollment in the group fitness classes. Dance, martial arts, basketball and swimming lessons are available for the members’ children. Most locations are open 365 days of the year. Centres of Community: There are nine centres that are currently operating in GTA and one new centre is scheduled to open in 2018. A key highlight of these centres is the party rooms available…

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  • Smoking: What Is Cigarettes, And Its Effects On Human Health

    be non-existent, as inspiring this toxic vapor can have a direct hazardous effect on the fetus before and after birth as the fetus may die during pregnancy and if the baby delivered he/she will be of low weight and may have mental and sexual retardation, as the mother’s uterus is highly defected. Secondly, smoking have a great dreadful impact on the environment. The beautiful scenery of the clouds, flowers and fresh air are all under threat. All the delightful moments which a…

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