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  • Airport Observation Essay

    The external space before entering the departure area has car parks and a clear way for taxi’s and other vehicles to efficiently utilise the drop off point right in front of the entrance, making it easier and quicker for people to enter with their luggage. The entrance to the departure area is made up of two separate wide automatic glass doors. As you enter you are faced with the check in counters of Air New Zealand on the left, and Jet Star, Qantas and Virgin Airlines on the right. There are self-check in stations in front of the Air New Zealand counters on the left and a few seats line the walls. To the left, along the same wall that the entrance is on is a huge sculpture of a dragon head amongst a rocky façade. In between the check in counters is a wide passage way leading to a commercial space consisting of bookstores, clothing stores, cafés, and other eateries and retail outlets, which then further diverges to the departure lounges and gates. Tables and chairs are dispersed amongst the various eateries and chairs line the ceiling-to-floor windows overlooking the runway. The floor is tiled and the ceiling is high with impressive gigantic statues strung up and hanging over the tables and chairs. The layout was very open…

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  • Poetry Of Departures

    The act of running away from home is an act that every child considers. As an adult, though, the hope and majesty of the idea can start to fade. In Philip Larkin’s “Poetry of Departures”, the narrator speaks of someone who had considered leaving home. Larkin develops two ways of living in his poem, one where the character spontaneously abandons his life and walks out, and the other being the mundane life at home. Larkin’s attitude toward the two ways of living is shown through his diction,…

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  • Analysis Of On Monsieur's Departure

    Poetry Explication II: “On Monsieur’s Departure” The poem, “On Monsieur’s Departure,” narrates the internal and emotional unrest of Queen Elizabeth I, queen of England. The poem reveals strong emotions of grief and conveys the impression that the queen cannot speak of these feelings except on paper. Each stanza has its own separate theme, for instance, the first stanza explains how the queen is feeling, the second stanza talks about how those feelings have affected her life, and the final…

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  • Pilgrimage Departure Analysis

    For over decades, speculation regarding the tip of the planet has run rampant—all in conjunction with the arrival of the new millennium. Identical was true for our spiritual European counterparts who, before the year 1000, believed the Second Coming of Christ was close, and therefore the thoughts of the end of the world was high. When the apocalypse didn't occur in 1000, it had been determined that the proper year should be 1033, cardinal years from the death of Jesus, then again that year…

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  • Departures Film Analysis

    Departures is an award-winning Japanese film about a young man who returns to his small hometown and works as an undertaker after an orchestra in Tokyo he is a member is disbanded. The Japanese name of the film is Okuribito, which means "the one who sends off" and describes Daito 's career as someone who prepares bodies before they are placed in coffins to be cremated. Daito 's job involves cleaning, clothing, and making up the person to the family 's liking before they say their goodbyes.…

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  • Departures Movie Analysis

    I can connect with Daigo in the movie Departures, he found out his calling was to be a funeral director and I feel like that was also a career path I would like to follow. I connected emotionally with this movie but I also learned many aspect of other cultures. I did not realize how much different the American way of preparing a body can be from the Japanese way. Some parts of the movie can be connected with different chapter of the textbook Death, Society, and the Human Experience. First,…

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  • On Monsieur's Departure Analysis

    In this paper I will be comparing the similarities between three poems. These three poems have different authors, time and the love each authors describe. These poems authors are Lord Byron (George Gordon), Queen Elizabeth and Thomas Campion. For the very first poem which also my favorite poem On Monsieur’s Departure. Queen Elizabeth is deeply in love with a man but she couldn't express or showed how she truly felt about him. I personally think this poem basically mean she chose her country and…

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  • Personal Identity In Departures

    The theme of personal identity is one that features in many Japanese films. One such film is Departures, directed by Takita Yōjirō, which explores the life of the main character, Daigo, finding his identity in the world after losing his job as a cellist and accepting the job as a Nokanshi agent. The film provides insight into individual identity and how it interacts with occupation and cultural perception. Some significant points that show this exploration of personal identity include the…

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  • Film Analysis Of Okuribito Departures?

    Assessment Task 1: Film Analysis on Okuribito (Departures) Yojiro Takita’s Departures is an Oscar winning film that challenges the traditional Japanese ideology of death and other socio-cultural implications of the people who survive them. As death is one of the main metaphors and recurring theme of the film, understanding it in context to Japanese culture is paramount to this analysis. Multiple times throughout the film Daigo runs into social prejudice upon other characters learning of his job…

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  • Personal Narrative: Russ's Departure

    I knew that I had the truth and that he and his companion had brought the truth to me! Why would he, the messenger of God, tell me to stay with my mother, who denied me baptism? Russ, my missionary, turned to the Bible and read in Exodus 20:12 if I recall rightly, Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee. I submitted without further resistance. Not only had he used the scriptures to cool the passion in my heart, but also he…

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