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  • The Influence Of Self-Esteem

    (i.e. no real consequences or incentives for failure or success), we must research the question further in a college setting. Additionally, it has been found in various research (see Jaret 2005) that women are more affected by their relationship status than men, and therefore studying the differences between men and women’s self-esteem in relation to relationship status can be telling of gender differences in romantic social interactions. The particular question I hope to employ upon the DePauw University student population is ‘how does relationship status affect self-esteem differently between males and female college students?’ To begin answering this question, I will be implementing a cross-sectional research design for my investigation. Due to time constraint for this study, as well as the private nature of relationships and self-esteem, this is the ideal design for my study. I will ensure that my study is representative of the student population by using systematic sampling of the DePauw student directory. After determining my sample for my study, I will distribute an online survey by means of the sample members’ student emails. Before diving into the research, the question at hand needs to be broken down and defined. Key concepts in this study that need to be understood in order to interpret the research are ① relationship status, ② self-esteem, ③ male, ④ female, and ⑤college student. The first term that needs clarification is relationship status; for this research I…

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  • High Tide In Tucson

    contribution to the book itself, seeing as it is a collection of twenty-five of her essays published in magazines and by other publishers - all of which recount her life and stories of what she has done. In the essays, she provides many details and information about her life. Though she was born in rural Kentucky in 1995, she spent a small portion of her life in a small village in Africa due to her parents’ volunteer work as a physician. She moved back before starting grade school, though she…

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  • Personal Statement: Why You Should Go To Depauw

    You should send me to DePauw College next year. The first reason you should send to school in DePauw is the cost. The school gives out very generous merit scholarships to every admitted student. In addition I am eligible for service related scholarships that would help reduce costs. The work program at DePauw is also one of the best in the country, providing many opportunities to reduce the cost of tuition with little effort. Room and board costs are also lower at DePauw than at any of the…

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  • Short Biography Of Julian Essay

    this time received, at most, an eighth grade education. This was enough to receive a job as a farmer, a maid, or a school teacher for other young black kids. Despite this challenge Julian and his family aspired more for himself. Julian first had to find a school with both the area he wanted to study in and more importantly a school that was willing to accept a black man into their university. Julian landed himself him self at DePauw University in the state of Indiana. However, in the midst of…

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  • Triggers: The Key To Anxiety

    member should care enough to learn this—or the student should feel safe and comfortable enough to let them know this—and react accordingly. DePauw is all about a close environment where most know each other and should be helpful and supportive. Some circumstances may be unavoidable though. For example, if the faculty member doesn’t know that a given student has an obscure trigger due to a variety of reasons, there isn’t much the staff can do under those circumstances. This is why I believe it…

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  • Alpha Chi Organizational Exit

    organizational exit of graduating seniors after a successful completion of the socialization process in Alpha Chi Omega, or “Alpha Chi,” at SMU through my observations and personal experience. The Socialization Theory and, specifically, the Model of Planned Organizational Exit will be the basis for this analysis. The purpose of this paper is to identify why the graduating seniors of SMU Alpha Chi Omega fail to successfully complete the stages of planned organizational exit, despite successfully…

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  • Sexualization Of Women In Social Media

    media platforms do nothing to stop this illusion. Movies often portray women as prostitutes and shallow attention seeking mistresses. “Women are viewed as unequal to men. They are portrayed in these movies as sexy and willing to abide by the male's sexual fantasies, which causes society to degrade women. How do we know that women in bikini's, lingerie, and other revealing clothes is degrading? It gives men the assumption that they can only receive sexual pleasure from women and not benefit…

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  • Social Constructionism Theory Analysis

    “We were not disabled by our impairments but by the disabling barriers we faced in society” (Oliver, 2013, p.1024). For the situation contemplate, the general public built impaired individuals as vulnerable and less profitable because of their obvious physical deficiencies. Consequently, in spite of the incorporation programs try to promote conformity, it does not have a particular way to deal with the issues of social constructionism, which characterizes how society treat disabled people.…

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  • Social Norms In Psychology

    Typically, within the studying culture at DePauw, if studying with friends one would sit a few feet away from another. In conjunction to this, students usually spread their materials out over the table taking up their own space. In order to violate this social norm, I went to the library to study with friends, a common scenario. However, when studying at a table, I sat very close to them, as opposed to respecting personal space per usual. I also spread all of my materials on the floor, instead…

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  • The Importance Of Trigger Warnings

    The debate is whether or not students should have the right to decide for themselves what is best in a situation where trigger warnings would protect their mental health. Trigger warnings are simply a harmless disclaimer, a request for consent of exposure, a happy medium between sheltering students and sending them off to experience first hand the subject of the warnings. Which motivates me to boldly state with utter certainty that the DePauw administration should require all faculty to use…

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