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  • Stereotypes In Hooks's Come Closer To Feminism

    “Simply put, feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression.” (Hooks,1). As a women’s studies major, one of the main scrutinies I receive is when people ask me “So are you like one of those extreme feminists, the ones that hate guys’ existences?” I am constantly questioned about why I would support such an “extreme” movement. Throughout the decades, feminism has been put on blast in media and politics, portraying the movement in a negative light. Media over time…

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  • Come A Little Bit Closer Analysis

    message or theme usually relates to love or substance abuse. A few decades ago, the messages were comparable, and even though society was quite different then, the themes in music were relatively the same. Two such examples are “Come a Little Bit Closer” by Jay and the Americans and “A Woman Needs Love” by Ray Parker Jr. Both of these songs share a common idea of women cheating. A genre that I do not care for is soul music and the song that falls in this genre is “A Woman Needs Love”.…

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  • Greg Lake's Song 'Closer To Believing'

    note of the song immediately draws listeners in, inviting them to listen to this beautiful poem set to music. What seems so intimate and personal, as though we are eavesdropping on this private conversation, is actually an invitation to participate. “Closer To Believing”, written by Peter Sinfield and Greg Lake, a track from Greg Lake 's side of the Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s, Works, Volume 1 album, is a tender ballad that is almost whispered. Greg Lake has said in interviews about his songs…

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  • Analysis: A Closer Look Into Chuck Close

    A Closer Look Into Chuck Close Introduction: Chuck Close is one of the most famous and well-known artists to ever live. Through many hardships during his life, he never gave up and pushed himself to do things that no one has ever done before. The way he knows how to mix colors (similar to Seurat and pointillism) is incredible and a mystery to almost all people. His work has changed modern art and has influenced countless people to strive to be the best person they can be. I. Background-…

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  • Summary Of Melvin Morse's 'Closer To The Light'

    Melvin Morse, M.D author of “Closer to the Light” gives us a profounder understanding about near-death experience (NDE) by using personal stories from patients and research other doctors have unveiled. Throughout the book, Dr. Morse gives short stories of different patients who have undergone a NDE or something similar to it. He also describes how our society differs from the society hundred years ago in dealing with NDE patients. This book is a remarkable example on how our society should be…

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  • Robots: Brave New World Moves A Step Closer Summary

    ROBOTICS - Written assignment A) Summary The text “Robots: Brave New World Moves a Step Closer” is published on BBC News, the 3rd of January 2013, by James Melik, a Business Dailey reporter for BBC World Service. In his article, he includes different aspects of how robots have and will affect our world. The beginning of the article includes a description of how robots began working in the industrial, and how the demand for robots have grown ever since. The text involves a discussion…

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  • Reflective Essay 'Driverless World, Closer Than You Think'

    essay earlier this year, “What Fuels My Fire” is drastically different compared to my most recent essay, “Driverless World, Closer Than You Think” which is completely throughout and organized . Overall, I have improved my introduction hook, explaining a topic in depth with examples and establishing a clear claim. My…

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  • Class Differences In The Hunger Games

    Hunger Games are the people in the distant districts from the Capitol, the people in the districts closer to the Capitol, and the people in the Capitol; this will affect major events in the story such as the Hunger Games. The people in the farthest distrcits from the Capitol are a distinct class because they aren’t fed by the Capitol as well as the closer districts and are not as needed as the closer districts. First, each district has a resource that is given to the…

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  • 1984 Surveillance Advantages

    Some people say that surveillance in our world is getting closer to the world of Big Brother. Although it may seem like our surveillance is for the worst, it is actually the exact opposite. It is helping our world more than you can imagine. Our surveillance will never lead us to the ways it took place in the book 1984. Surveillance will never get that extreme. The government believes surveillance is for our benefit. It benefits us for the best because it helps the government keep us as…

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  • First Person: A Short Story

    with the other zombies, they all trapped their pray that just remained shivering, eyes glued shut and frightened. He let out a piercing shriek, which did startle them, but they were used to it. He hoped that they would go away, but they creeped closer, and closer...they were hungry. Second Person The zombie lord was angered by the fact that this immature boy had disturbed their party. “How dare you make such a terrible sin-you must pay for this” “You have ruined the reaping party, and you must…

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