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  • The Evolent Relationship Model

    This blueprint document outlines the current state of the organization, the knowledge gaps within the organization, what would be required to transform the organization away from the fee-for-service model, the cost required to make the transformation, how Evolent is able to support the health system through this process and ultimately if Evolent feels that they are the correct business partner to engage in a business relationship. This document becomes the foundation to the services that Evolent will provide to the health system. If the health system agrees to undergo the transformation, Evolent engages in a business relationship where there is a risk sharing agreement between the two organization. A risk sharing model is the preferred partnership model…

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  • Kanye West: The Hero's Journey

    was ten, where his mother was visiting a professor. This can relate to the hero's journey unusual birth section. Much like Telemachus, Kanye did not have a father figure growing up, and moving to china for a year is pretty unusual especially for someone his age. Kanye´s call to adventure was him dropping out of college to pursue music. He did this against his mother's will. Although she did not support him in this decision, she agreed to be his manager and help him with any trials that he…

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  • Al Capone Blueprint

    My first project was about Al Capone and he was a super fun person to learn about. I wrote an essay and made a blueprint of the Alcatraz cell house. A cool fact I learned was that Al Capone was responsible for putting expiration dates on milk bottles. Figuring out the project process was a bit hard at first, but as time continued to move it got a lot easier. When you figure it out it gets a lot easier. I wanted to learn as much as I could on the topic of Al Capone and Alcatraz I myself would…

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  • 2030 Under The Blueprint Analysis

    Some of the biggest benefits of their plan is that “Under the Blueprint, every region of the country stands to save billion,” “The Blueprint keeps carbon prices low,” and “The economy grows by at least 81 percent by 2030 under the Blueprint.” The plan provided starts a slow, but necessary process towards the elimination of fossil fuels. The article talks about how “Blueprint policies reduce projected U.S. energy use by one-third by 2030” but while still having increases in “energy efficiency…

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  • A Blueprint For Recovery: Schizophrenia Analysis

    One major one being genes. In the book titled A Blueprint for Recovery, the author stated, “The first possible cause of schizophrenia is that there is a gene which causes the disease. In this scenario, schizophrenia is an inherited trait that has been passed on through generations” (Greek, 2012, p. 84). Individuals who have close relatives that are affected with the sickness odds of getting schizophrenia are expanded, and ought to be checked annually to ensure they have not been affected with…

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  • Love Yourz Music Analysis

    E.Y. Harburg said “Words make you think. Music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought.” (E.Y. Harburg). This could not be more evident than in the song “Love Yourz” by the rapper J.Cole. This song is about J.Cole sharing his experiences with fame and that he had to reevaluate the things he thought would make him happy. J. Cole also spoke about his troubled childhood struggles and how he is still trying to cope with it. He spoke about the misconception that many people have, which is…

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  • Personal Narrative: Personal Success Blueprint

    1) Personal Success Blueprint We all have a blueprint that decides how we handle our life. It's deeply ingrained in our subconscious and unconscious and it determines your life destiny. It comes from our past programming—things we conditioned or programmed by in childhood. A few days after I got my first doctorate (more than 23 years ago), I woke up in the middle of the night screaming in panic, thinking to myself, “I need to get another doctorate”. That was the point when I realized I had a…

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  • Summary Of Jacqui Pretty's 'Book Blueprint'

    authors. Moreover, she is the author of [i]Book Blueprint[/i] an exquisite book that tweaks areas committed to being covered, for an entrepreneur who wishes to write an award-winning book that will boost his businesses. How do you make the transition from being a wannabe to being an authority? This might be a question popping up in anyone’s head if he needs to be exceptional. A scrupulous idea presented in equitable structure could habituate the story to the reader and accessible to them, but…

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  • College Admissions Essay: The Blueprint Of My Life

    As human beings we find ourselves living by the clock, planning our lives away. This causes us to forget that we cannot control everything that happens. Our lives can easily spiral away from those plans we once made. In middle school I created a blueprint for my life, one that I was so set on accomplishing. I learned, however, just as we all do, that blueprints are not always perfect and can be tossed to the side. I planned on excelling more every progressing year, and reaching the pinnacle of…

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  • Argument Essay: My Blueprint For Advanced Farming

    By having to rely on several key factors, farmers are at the mercy of unpredictable environmental conditions which have historically threatened successful harvesting. Cold weather, shortened rain cycles, and unforeseen insect infestations are just several examples. My blueprint for advanced farming is comprised of three radical components that will forever eliminate the aforementioned threats, will and ensure optimal conditions for continuous growing. Utilization of untapped desert sand, is the…

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