The 39 Steps

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  • Reaction Paper About Aa Meeting

    meeting went on I felt better about being there because I found that I might not have a problem with alcohol but I do have my own problems that I can apply some of the coping mechanisms that they learn and apply those to me. What I learned about the 12 step program is that the recovering alcoholic is ultimately responsible for their recovery and that they themselves are responsible for the actions that got them there and any of their actions that will happen for the rest of their lives. What I…

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  • Summary: Spiritual Change In Treatment Of Substance Abuse

    are Spirtitual Chance in Treatment of Substance Dependence include citations from Bateson, and Steps toward an ecology of the mind by Fowler, J.W. In the study, the following testing instruments were used: the Multidimensional Measurement of Religiousness/Spirituality (MMRS), The Spiritual Well-Being Scale (SWB) and The Religious Orientation Scale (ROS) and test 70 clients from two separate 12 step substance abuse treatment programs. Of the participants there were two samples used, both…

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  • 12 Step Meetings: Alcoholics Anonymous

    12-Step Meetings Summary As a nursing student, each student has to attend and observe two twelve step meetings such as alcohol anonymous, narcotic anonymous, or cocaine anonymous as part of the community health project. I attended two alcoholics anonymous meetings. Alcoholics Anonymous, also known as the AA, is an alcoholism treatment program. There are group meetings in which individuals share their personal experiences about alcoholism and motivate each other to stay sober. According to AA…

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  • Effective Personal Characteristics

    Two Effective Personal Characteristics One of the primary motivating factors for embarking on a career path in counseling stems from personal experience with the pain of addiction. The ability to truly empathize with the addicted populations’ experiences and pain is one of my most effective personal characteristics. While there is most certainly concern in regard to the area of compassion fatigue and countertransference, there is no way to teach the level of understanding that comes from having…

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  • Alcoholics Anonymous Research

    14-20). Research done by Kelly and Myers (2007) had similar outcomes, reporting that although communities encouraged teen involvement/participation in AA programs, they were one third less likely to be involved, outside of their formal treatment, in 12-step programs and the dropout rate from meeting attendance is higher, when compared to adults. The study conducted concluded that attendance predicts sobriety, by two- to three-folds, and that those who remained abstinent were likely to attend…

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  • Codependency: A Feminist Analysis

    pathways to develop the capacity to move beyond addiction, including caretaking, self-sacrifice and codependency to a healthy level of self-care are needed (Peled & Sacks, 2008). Codependents Anonymous (CoDA) promotes a 12-step approach to recovering from codependency. Twelve-step programs, while helpful to some, do have several drawbacks. First, Dodes (2014) suggests that AA is only 5-10 percent successful. He says that we only hear the success stories. Also, if the person seeking help does…

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  • Nail Salon Research Paper

    soaking it, gently peel the nail wrap from side to side. Soaking it will break down the adhesive bond and allow the wrap to easily slide off the nail bed. A big part of Jamberry is the people behind it. You can become a part of it all! This also has steps. First you have to Visit a website, At the top there is a tab that says ‘join’. If you click on it you will fill out a form. Once you have joined, you will receive your Jamberry Consultant Kit, which contains everything you need…

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  • Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Essay

    to that of the AA meeting. They opened up with the reciting of the serenity prayer and followed up with the readings of a preamble and a portion of The Big Book. The readings here were more specific to recovery from crystal meth. Although the 12-step program followed by this group is based on AA 's, some of the words are substituted in order make it more…

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  • Overeaters Anonymous Meeting Analysis

    12 Steps in Overeaters For my 12 steps paper I decided to attend an overeaters anonymous meeting in Lowell Massachusetts. The meeting was located in the basement of Lowell’s First United Baptist Church. I called ahead of time to speak with Diane who was the leader for the meeting. I explained that I was a student at William James college and was required to attend a meeting. She was more than happy to let me join the group. To my surprise, there was not too many people that attended the meeting…

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  • The Temperance Models Of Drug Addiction

    The first step in effective treatment is to detoxify the person, which is usually done in a detoxification center where the patient can be monitored and taken care of as physical withdrawal symptoms can be severe and in some cases can end up killing a person. Medication…

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