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  • Movie Criticism In Halloween, 300, And Frozen

    Critics: Movie Criticism People from children to adults criticize many things as they get older. In the world of film production, criticizing movies happens daily. Whether a viewer decides to dislike a particular scene to disliking the entire movie, critical approaches in literature will help us determine what type of criticism is taking place. In the movies such as Halloween, 300, and Frozen, criticism is done through description of scenes and by the judgement of the viewers. In Halloween, the…

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  • Write An Essay On The Importance Of Literacy Throughout My Lifetime

    Justin Madrid English 1301 Scott 1/23/2015 Justin 1 The Importance of Literacy Throughout My Lifetime Have you ever thought about a time that you didn’t need literacy? The answer to that question would obviously have to be no. Literature is basically what defines our existence, without it there would be no writing, no language, and importantly no history. Can you imagine if there was no means of communication, our world as we know would cease to exist and everything would be in complete chaos. 1…

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  • Film Analysis: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    animals and who often also does not use animal products (Merriam-Webster). The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) use videos such as Paul McCartney’s Glass Walls and other forms of media to push their agenda onto the world. Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s transgressive exploitation of the human body through shocking, strange images that parallel with slaughterhouses to push the vegan agenda onto its audiences. Close – ups, montages, and real props overstimulate the viewer…

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  • The Abject In Horror Film

    It may seem as if this type of film has nothing to offer other than violence and gore. For example, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre tells the story of five teenagers that get stranded in rural Texas at their grandparents’ old house. All of them end up wandering to the house next door, which harbors cannibals that end up killing all but one of them. However, most of these deaths are short and do not occur…

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  • Ulrich Seidl's In The Basement

    Ulrich Seidl’s new documentary, “In the Basement”, is mordantly funny, creepily outrageous, and boldly raw. The film gathers a set of suburban Austrian people, who expose themselves by allowing us to peak on what’s going on in their basements. Clearly, the whole is weaker than the sum of the parts, however, my voyeuristic side was awaken by the intimate little secrets it keeps unveiling, even if a couple of unnecessary scenes are there only with the purpose of shocking the viewers. The idea and…

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  • The Legacy Of Americo Paredes Analysis

    Morin supported the book argument by using literature, life experiences, and stories as references in supporting his focus of demonstrating Mexican American experiences. The book focused on three different themes which are the American conquest, Texas rangers, and stereotypes which help demonstrate the Mexican American experiences through their lenses. The history of El Rio Grande connected with the American…

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  • Bigfoot Wallace Biography

    Bigfoot Wallace was a texan, a texan who fought for texas independence. The son of Andrew and Jane Ann, born in Lexington virginia on April 3, 1817, standing at 6 foot 2 and weighing 240 lbs,This texas ranger had quite a big foot. Bigfoot wallace was a texas ranger as you know, he got his name from his, extremely large foot, beleive it or not his foot was actually 11 ¾ of an inch long, but let's get back to the facts, for a while he tried farming in lagrange But that didn't go so well, then…

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  • Deaf Smith: Texas Revolution Hero

    Deaf Smith was a Texas Revolution hero. He was also a Republic Texas soldier he was a brave soldier he was also with the Texas Rangers he was a brave young man when he went into the Texas Rangers he was a loyal soldier and followed orders well. Early Life Erastus Smith was born on April 19, 1787 he was the son of Chiliab and Mary smith. Throughout his life he couldn’t hear because he was born with a disease that made him deaf. That's how he got the nickname Deaf Smith. He was born in Dutchess…

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  • Money In Major League Baseball

    “Take me out to the ballgame” is a song well known among baseball fans. Unfortunately, when it comes to money Major League Baseball is unfair. Rich teams can afford any player they desire, while poor teams have to invest in their rookies and young stars. Studies show that most stars go where the big money is. Money plays a large behind-the-scenes part in regards to the sport of baseball. So rich organizations have the upper hand. Certain star players command such high salaries that teams must…

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  • Clarence Brandley's Murder Case

    Dee Ferguson in 1980. Brandley was a custodian at Conroe High School in Conroe, Texas. Him and another custodian, Henry Peace, found the limp body in a loft above the auditorium. At age 29, Brandley was wrongfully convicted and punished with the death penalty. This case survived as a rather eye-catcher case to the media that had fixed police, terrible misconduct from the prosecution, and plain as day racism. Texas Ranger Wesley Styles was the leader of the police investigation for the murder…

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