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  • Personal Narrative: Moving Into The Old Farm House

    It had been a long hot summer and Laura was ready for the change in weather and the change in scenery. Fall was really her favorite time of the year anyway. The cooler weather was also a much better time to make the move from the city to her new home in a quite rural community. The good deal she had gotten on the old farm house sitting on five acres was too good to pass up. She didn’t like the idea that there was only one bathroom, which was downstairs, but since it would only be her living…

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  • Abraham Lincoln's Assassination Impact

    The assassination of President Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth was one of the most impactful moments in American history. Booth was the last person people would have suspected because he was a famous, handsome, and well-loved actor. However, on April 15, 1865, America was forever changed. Lincoln’s plans for Reconstruction and peace following the Civil War were destroyed, leaving the racist and oppressive President Andrew Johnson to take over. Booth’s actions had cultural, historical,…

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  • Texas Rebellion Causes

    Causes that Led to Texas Independence Texas Revolution, a rebellion that took place in late 1835 and continued till early 1836 by the Texans or Tejanos, was against the Mexican government and military. Though, the roots of this rebellion took place long time ago, when Mexico achieved its independence from Spain in 1821 and when Mexico legalized immigration from the United States. Immigrants from the United States gained permission to settle in the state of “Coahuila y Tejas” (now Texas). Moses…

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  • The Keystone Pipeline

    Keystone Politics By Garrett Kizior History of the Keystone Pipeline Canada’s Athabasca River Basin is the home of one of the world’s largest stockpile of fossil fuels; bitumen. Bitumen, which lies beneath prehistoric boreal forests and peat bogs, is composed of oil, sand, and clay, and is often compared to thick tar. Because of its composition, bitumen is commonly referred to as tar sands The only method to remove the tar sands from the ground is to first inject hot steam into the earth until…

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  • 20th Century Texas

    The growing pains in Texas during the late 19th and early 20th centuries due to expansion and modernization affect everyone. The rapid changes in Texas created chaos and prosperity for the people on the land. The swift changes caused people to face economic, social, political, and demographic issues differently and some faced with more difficult issues than others were. The demographics of the state experience great change because many were created in the cities. The people had to move in…

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  • Prohibition Of Slavery Essay

    In the early nineteenth century the United States started to expand. Many areas in the expansion wanted to become territories to later become states. Arkansas was no different. As part of the Missouri territory, Arkansas wanted to break off and become its own territory. Being in the southern part of the United States, Arkansas was great for agriculture and slavery. Slavery and its legality in the United States was an issue that started when the country was being formed. It became an even larger…

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  • Big Hot Cheap And Right Analysis

    Genius of Texas Erica Grieder. PublicAffairs, 250 West 57th Street, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10107, copyright 2013. 284 pages. Big, Hot, Cheap, and Right What America Can Learn from the Strange Genius of Texas, by Erica Grieder, breaks Texas down into its basic components in order to explain to non-Texans what Texas truly is. Grieder’s covers four main topics in her book. One of the topics she talks about is the economy. A major event that Grieder discusses is the Texas miracle,…

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  • Sam Houston And The American Southwest Analysis

    Almanac of American military history. Santa Barbara, Calif: ABC-CLIO. The review of the book Sam Houston and the American Southwest highlighted that it is a scholarly account written by an expert on the role and impact of Sam Houston’s leadership in Texas, and the wider region. The author’s role as the author of the account is not questionable, the presentation of information is highly articulate, and the evidence provided supported the thesis of the book sufficiently. From the reviews made…

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  • Chicano Movement

    the economic, social, and political aspects of the Chicano community throughout Texas. As a result, it was possible the election of the first two Mexican-American mayors and several others were able to run for political positions such as Ramsey Muniz in 1972 and Mario Compean in 1978, who ran for governor of Texas. Unfortunately, this political party did not last too long being effectively eliminated in 1978 by the Texas legislature “but by then it had left its mark on the political scene,…

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  • David Montejano Thesis

    In his book "Anglos and Mexicans in the Making of Texas, 1836-1986” David Montejano writes and explains how Anglos and Mexicans both contributed to the rise and making of the great state of Texas. The conflicts between these two groups of people caused Texas to grow and become the great state we know today. David Montejanos thesis is “Market based displacement within the Anglo community signified the replacement of one Anglo merchant landowner with another merchant landowner, Thus, market…

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