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  • Similarities Between The Outsiders And Rumble Fish

    “I have no idea why I write. The old standards are: I like to express my feelings, stretch my imagination, earn money.” - SE Hinton. SE Hinton is a famous author known for her young adult novels set in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is the author of Tex, That Was Then, This is Now, The Outsiders, and Rumble Fish. These stories are diverse and each one has its own unique plot and set of characters. In many people's eyes, there is no connection between these four stories. As well as having completely diverse stories and characters, the main plot of each book are also very different. With that said, there is own common theme that runs through these four books. I believe that this common theme is that you don’t have to be related by blood to be family,…

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  • Tex Mex Research Paper

    Welcome to Tex-Mex Restaurant! The perfect combination of traditional Texas and Mexican cuisine gives a new definition of “Tex-Mex Restaurant”. Mexican burritos, tortillas, hand-cut steak, all kind of barbecue with a burrito, guacamole, crushed tomatoes and sour cream ....... These authentic Tex-Mex delicacies that you can only taste in our Tex-Mex Restaurant.You can not miss it! We believe that if you come to our Tex-Mex Restaurant, the various world-class cuisine will make you think it is a…

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  • Argumentative Essay: TEX-Mex's Home

    Texas is the biggest state in the southern of the USA. Texas is very famous all over the world because its delicious food. In all kinds of delicious food, TEX-MEX food is one of the most important one. If you come to visit Texas, you must taste some authentic flavor of the original styles of TEX-MEX. If you want to taste TEX-MEX food, you must go to the restaurant TEX-MEX’s Home. TEX-MEX’s Home is in the center of Austin, the capital city of Texas. It’s located in the downtown business center.…

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  • Short Story On Raindrops

    Raindrops. Drip. Drip. Drip. Clouds, gray and hiding any sign of sunlight. It looks miserable and cold but it matches my mood so it doesn 't bother me. I need to get out, It 's horrible to be stuck in this room. I want to be out in the rain. Peeling myself away from the window, I can the floor for my hoodie and Converse. "Where could they be?" I mutter, kicking clothes around. My toe clips the edge of a shoe hidden underneath a pile of clothes. I freeze as the pain pulses from my foot. Angrily,…

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  • An Essay On My Cultural Identity

    My Culture Identity Everyone has a culture that identifies their identity. As in who they are or where they come from. They 're many different cultures in the world. A culture is a tradition past on to a family generation. Every culture has different holidays, traditon but more importantly style. It represents what type of music you listen to or what type of clothing you wear. Most people find their culture by their family. For example; gandparents, mother, father. This essay is about how…

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  • Analysis Of Ecco Gore-Tex Golf Shoes

    Ecco Gore-Tex golf shoes are the GORE-TEX model of Ecco's convention-breaking shoe that follows the foot's natural system for absorbing impact to improve durability while building up the muscles in the lower legs and feet . Ecco Gore-Tex golf shoes are well-known for their longevity and high quality, Ecco Gore-Tex golf shoes are also distinct in that unlike other leading footwear producers, they manage their whole production process from farming the cows for leather to putting the shoes…

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  • Library Card Essay

    On a late Thursday afternoon, I thought it would be have been a nice day to go library and get some books. Being a geeky teenage girl, I love to read anything from a mystery to a good thriller. My day started off great! A big bowl of Frosted Flakes, a bright early morning and a little bit of television. Nothing could go wrong… or could it? “Oh crap, where’s my library card”.I yelled in frustration. I began to search through all my pockets and in between my father’s car seats.After fifteen…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Tequila Grill

    The Tequila Grill Tequila Grill located in downtown Kalona, Iowa is the best mexican restaurant I have eaten at. The restaurant can be found with ease, even if you are not familiar with the area. I would recommend people come all the way from Iowa City to try this restaurant. Positioned on the corner of Main Street the restaurant has a sign sitting in the corner of the yard that can be seen from the road. It is one block away from Highway One that runs through the town of Kalona. Once…

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  • Mexican Cultural Traditions

    As Mexicans emigrated from the familiarity of their homes and learned new life in the United States, many preserved native culture traditions to aid the transition. Some Mexicans decided to adopt many American customs, while others stuck to their roots. Ultimately, their lifestyles were influenced, but many Mexican traditions were conserved. Some of the customs that Mexicans retained include religion, food, and entertainment. They kept these traditions like a piece of home. It made new life in…

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  • W. L. Gore Leadership Style

    Abstract Leaders that stand out from the past typically are known for something spectacular, something that made them stand out at the time, and something that they can be remembered for. Mr. Rockefeller was an industrialist and philanthropist who did well for himself. His ability to lead and influence people helped him to acquire many companies and interests. His vast wealth allowed him to lead development in the area of medical research. People chose to follow him and believe, which may have…

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