Territorial waters

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  • Determinations Of Calibration And Determination Of Crude Protein

    ESI+ (electrospray ionisation). The solvents Eluent A2 (100 mL eluent A 213 concentrate [6-aminoquinolyl-N-hydroxysuccinimidyl carbamate + acetonitrile] and 900 mL 214 distilled water) and Eluent B (acetonitrile) were used. The MS analysis was done using a Waters 215 ACQUITY Tandem Triple Quadrupole Spectrometer (Waters Corporation, Massachusetts, USA) 216 with capillary voltage set at 3.5 kV and 15 V for cone voltage. The source and desolvation 217 temperatures were set at 120 and 350°C, and…

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  • Fat Trimyristin Experiment

    reaction rate it was heated under reflux. During reflux the solvent is heated to a boil and to ensure the vapors were not lost they were cooled in a condenser, which had cold water running through it. These cooled vapors condensed and returned to the boiling…

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  • Notes On Dissocted Oxygen Measurement

    Collect the sample to be tested in a 300 mL BOD bottle taking special care to avoid adding air to the liquid being collected. Fill bottle completely and add stopper. 2. Remove bottle stopper and add 1 mL of the manganous sulfate solution at the surface of the liquid. 3. Add 1 mL of the alkaline-potassium iodide-sodium azide solution at the surface of the liquid. 4. Replace the stopper, avoid trapping air bubbles and shake well by inverting the bottle several times. Repeat shaking…

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  • Biochemical Test Essay

    reagent is made of Copper (II) sulfate ion which reduces to Copper (I) during the test. It is made by adding copper sulfate with sodium citrate and carbonate that is dissolved in 400mLs of water (Benedict’s Test). The chemical reaction within this test is…

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  • Melting And Physical Change

    which then re-hardened after exposure to the air. The flame, is a chemical reaction, which burns wax vapor, which combines with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water vapor. Without…

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  • Carbon Pollution And Global Warming

    definitely effect by global warming. Scientists estimate that glaciers around the world are losing 92 cubic-kilometers of ice each year, and it is a very remarkable loss in glacier cover. Glaciers stores water as ice in the winter, and melt during summer. There is a natural balance between the amount of water stored, and the amount ice melted. Yet, due to the raise of average temperature, it is difficult to store…

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  • Narrative About Swimming

    told us before he yelled, “Time to get into the pool for a 400 warm-up!” We had no idea how many laps were in a 400 or how to properly swim, but we slapped on our caps and goggles anyway. Amy jumped into the pool first causing a huge wave of cold water to slam against my body. “Are you getting in?” Amy asked, so I took the…

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  • Weather Expansion And The Global Warming Of The Polar Ice Caps

    Introduction: In the past few years, temperatures around the world have increased significantly as a result of the phenomenon labelled as global warming. According to reports, the first decade of this century was the hottest ever recorded (Union of Concerned Scientists, 2016). This is happening as a result of gas emissions, as the gas that has been released into the atmosphere is storing the heat energy from the sun and therefore warming the earth itself (Wwf.org.au, 2016). The rise in…

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  • 1, 4-Diethoxybenzene And Neutral Benzoic Acid

    Simultaneously, 1,4-dimethoxybenzene has similar solubility’s with diethyl-ether and remains dissolved in the ether layer throughout the experiment while benzoic ion mostly remains in the aqueous layer. The ether layer can be distinguished from the water layer due to their differences in density, where diethyl ether contains lighter atoms as opposed to sodium bicarbonate. As a result, diethyl ether will be less dense and will be the top layer while the sodium bicarbonate solution will be denser…

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  • Basic Concepts Of Land Use And Land Cover Change

    Organization), 2000; Gregorio, 2005) land cover refers to the biophysical cover of the earth surface or land for instance vegetation cover such as forest, shrub/bushland, and grassland and water. Whereas land cover can be defined as the attributes of the earth’s land surface covered by vegetation, desert, water bodies like lake, sea, ocean, bare soil and ice (Chrysoulakis et al., 2004; Lambin et al., 2003). Land use is characterized by the arrangements, activities and inputs people undertake in…

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