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  • Case Study: Time For Love: Perrelet '

    LUXURY, FASHION & REJUVENATION IN STANDOUT STYLE Time for love (Note to art: Tissot – Use image that say’s Valentine’s) This Valentine’s Day declare your love with the Tissot Bella Ora, a beautiful timepiece inspired by Italy and its romantic cities. With a mother-of-pearl dial, accentuated with pink and red hues, this special-edition model has a natural elegance to it. A perfect accessory, which complements both formal and casual wear, it is an ideal gift for your lady love. Rs 23,200.…

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  • Christobal Blenciaga Case Study

    painted by Diego Velázquez. Balenciaga had changed the style of the women’s silhouettes. By 1945 his couture clothing had square shoulders and fitted waistline. In that same year he had taken part in the Theatre de la Mode. This was a display of haute couture which was produced in Paris A few years later in 1947 ventured from his traditional couture line and debuted his firs perfume line. Christobal was also known for incorporating lace of brown and black colors on top of garments that were of…

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  • Charles Fredrick Worth

    Swedish man with enough business experience and money to invest, to open his own store in the first floor at 7 rue de la Paix in the 2nd arroundissement. He started with 20 seamstresses and by the 1870s had over 1000 employed there. Charles developed Haute Couture when he made clothes from his own ideas and presented the finished clothes to them for approval. “While [Charles Worth] still created one-of-a-kind pieces for his most important clients, he is especially known for preparing a variety…

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  • Coco Chanel's Fashion

    Coco Chanel was a significant French fashion designer who established the form mark 'Chanel'. She was the main individual to consider style to be both, classic and casual. Chanel made remarkable masterpieces and set a high standard for the upcoming fashion designers. She was persisted in breaking the out of the mainstream and freeing ladies from the restricting ' corseted silhouette ' and making the casual easygoing chic look worthy as well trendy. Her outstanding fashion sense was not only…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Rawayat

    1. Product: Rawayat will feature a diverse range of clothing that adhere to make traditional cloths in modern style. Rawayat will market all types of traditional clothing in Pakistan for women Included below is a full list of our featured items: • Sindhi, • Balochi, • Punjabi • And Pathani. In case of any defect we replace the dress, we also offer home delivery service and if the customer is not satisfied with it we surely replace it. 2. Price: Our products are available at fixed cost to…

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  • Harajuku Fashion Style Essay

    Harajuku is known by many as a youth fashion that has taken place in the streets of Tokyo since the late 80’s and early 90’s, currently Harajuku represents the distinct styles of dress in Japanese culture. In this research paper I will be attempting to deconstruct the Japanese street style and it’s influence on world wide dress. In the process of deconstructing Harajuku style (Lolita) I intend to discuss the origin of the street style, iconicity in the style, the style in it’s trickle down…

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  • Different Types Of Footwear In The 1930's

    ranged from those featuring simply “tall wood or cork soles and padded leather straps” to more fancy styles featuring “gold-colored leather straps with a cork sole of six different colored layers” . As the war approached, women were forced to turn down the extravagant footwear in favor of a more practical styles. Two types of shoes that dominated this specific category were the lowered-heeled pumps and oxfords. As far as the material of the shoes is concerned, “cloth and felt uppers replaced…

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  • Fashion Trends In The 1800s

    In the mid-1800s, cotton became the single-handedly most used material for clothing and is still the most used for fashion today. Although the use for cotton hasn’t changed, trends in fashion in the 1890s to today certainly have. From underwear to outerwear, fashion has undeniably altered along with time. In the mid-16th century Roxey Ann Caplin created the corset, but it’s fame came from the Victorian era (1837-1901). “A corset is a type of undergarment that supports the bust and defines the…

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  • Irving Penn Essay On Photography

    « Photography is simply the current state of visual history of humanity» Those words from Irving Penn end the striking exhibition, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of his birth. This exhibition, which takes place at the Grand Palais in Paris, pays tribute to both the impressive photographer and the man he was. I personally knew his work as being the fashion photographer who had collaborated with Vogue for more than sixty years. But the grey walls and the airy rooms of this exhibition…

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  • Personal Essay: Fashion Is A Piece Of Beauty

    right when I wear outfits that not everyone wear because they where unusual instead of using what disney stars use or what other people used. Fashion for me is a piece of art that can reflect so many things and that it has a very wide field, but that Haute Couture was just another level of complexity that I was going to love.…

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