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  • Influence Of Fashion In The 18th Century

    Fashion in the 18th century was characterised by greater abundance, elaboration and intricacy in clothing designs as it was influenced by the trends in the Rococo period, also known as late baroque period. Fashion was greatly influenced by iconic fashion figures such as Marie Antoinette. Womens clothing retained the emphasis on a narrow, inverted conical torso achieved with bone stays, above full skirts. Hoop skirts reached their maximum size in 1750s and began to reduce in size but remained…

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  • Stereotypes And Symbols In The 1920's

    hats and bandeaus. The latter could be divided into categories: plain and adorned. “The plain bandeau was often worn for playing sports or with casual outfits” . Bandeaus “made of glittering fabrics” , adorned with feather, or a jewel, were worn to a more elegant ensembles. Cloche hats were much less extravagant piece of hair accessory. “They were close fitting, helmet-shaped hats that hugged the skull. They had deep rounded crowns with no brim or just a small curve at the edge” . Cloche hats…

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  • High Cost Of Cheap Fashion Essay

    Over the centuries Americans’ views on clothing, fashion, and labor have changed greatly. From clothing being valued as less, to new trends everyday, even to unfair labor laws, the developments have been drastic. Since clothing has been able to made with cheap labor trendy items on the store shelves can be purchased at an extremely low cost, making clothing somewhat replaceable. “Clothing has gone from a long-term investment to a disposable good” stated by Elizabeth Cline, an author of…

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  • Needle Stitching History

    The Power of a Needle and Thread From its beginning, lace has been highly valued as a treasure for its charmingly beautiful designs. Lace was and still is very highly sought after for its powerful network of threads to enhance the appearance of a fabric. Regardless of one’s wealth or status, people cannot resist the charm of the intricate needle work whether it’s used for apparel or furnishing. A basic needle stitching has been practiced since the earliest of times that a wide range of…

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  • Native American Fashion Essay

    Over the years Native American fashion has come a long way, transforming from feathered headdresses and buckskin outfits to contemporary designs that are fashionable yet reflect the Native American culture in creative new ways. The Native Fashion Now exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA curated by Karen Kramer showcased 75 indigenous designers who prove that Native American fashion is not what is used to be. Linda Welters brought the show to our class by presenting it through…

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  • Coco Chanel Fashion

    Introduction “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Iconic fashion designer Coco Chanel once said. Chanel, one of the most influential designers in the world, redefined what it meant to be a woman. Women’s fashion before the 1900’s was all corsets and bustles and almost no freedom to move. Then Coco Chanel changed that. She designed new fashions that defied the social norm and gave women in Europe and America more freedoms. But with her new idea came conflicts. Young girls were…

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  • Maggie Norris: Corset Analysis

    The chosen garment that will be discussed in detail is the iconic corset designed by the American corset couture designer Maggie Norris who is one of the designers involved with the brand Trashy Lingerie. This corset was chosen for Caitlyn Jenner as the outfit for the cover image of Vanity Fair. This essay will cover the following topics: historical/cultural context, formal elements, and its meaning. This corset which was designed by Maggie Norris was worn by Caitlyn Jenner in her worldwide…

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  • Manale Dagnew: Fashion Designer, Artist

    Manale Dagnew – Ethiopian born, fashion designer, artist, and entrepreneur Synopsis: Manale Dagnew has left a lasting impact in the world of haute couture wedding gowns in America. She went on to become one of the top 5 respected bridal designers in the U.S. and was awarded the Magic Jones Award for her achievements in 2000. Manale’s story begins in Gondar, Ethiopia. As was the custom at that time, her parents arranged marriage resulted in a true love story. They were quick to be recognized…

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  • The Importance Of Fashion Photography

    Fashion photography is a big deal in they world we live in. They definition of fashion is a popular trend. Fashion photography is one of the many types of photography in the world. Many things go into fashion and photography combined, for example in fashion you need fashion designers,sponsors, advertisement, models,etc, and in photography you need photographers, shoot site, creativity and need to talk to the fashion designer about their ideas. In todays society fashion photography influences…

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  • Symbolic Consumption In Fashion

    2.3.1 Symbolic consumption in Fashion Barnard and Spencer (1996) insisted that the meaning of fashion can be created and demolished simultaneously by people, it depends on what individuals want to express by fashion and how others receive the messages. Fashion is not only a tool for self-decoration which reveals and distinguish consumers’ tastes and values, but can also be social identification and recognition if people are part of their social groups (Kefgen, and Touchie-Specht, 1986; Gronow,…

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