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  • Scientific Inquiry In Research

    Clearly explains how the scientific method was used by the developer(s) of the device, supporting explanation with research) Scientific processes that lead to the development of the cell phone are as follows. Observation and measurements: 3 The telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Hypothesis: Could voice be transmitted via radio waves and be utilized via a mobile device? Experiments: Reginald Fessenden…

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  • How Did Alexander Graham Bell Change The World

    How Alexander Graham Bell Changed the World Have you ever wondered who invented the magnificent telephone? Well, it was Alexander Graham Bell! He invented the telephone in the year of 1876 and from that point forward, the world of communication would be much more efficient. Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland in the year of 1847. He was a teacher of the deaf. Bell is even listed as one of the founders of the National Geographic Society. Bell was also the inventor of many things. Overall,…

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  • Eli Whitney's Inventions: The Benefits Of Machines

    When Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin, he pictured increased profits and decreased labor. In fact, when an inventor creates technology or machines that would decrease labor, they usually keep in mind the amount of money they could make with the machine. This era of industry has turned our mind to inventing only when in need of profit. For instance, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb; however, he not only decreased the amount of wax that was used for candles but also increased the…

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  • Reality Of Social Media Essay

    The Reality of Social Media The purpose of social media was to create a way for people to interact and share their lives with others via internet. Whether people are countries apart or even a few feet away they are still able to communicate using social media. This unique creation has given people a way to get closer and drift farther apart. Social media is used in everyday lives for many different purposes. Its main goal and purpose is to provide people with a different form of communication…

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  • Secondhand Smoke: A Literature Review

    This article is titled “Perceptions of harm from secondhand smoke exposure among U.S. adults, 2009-2010”, and it was written by Judy Kruger, Roshni Patel, Michelle Kegler, Steven D. Babb, and Brian A. King. The authors firstly explained that secondhand smoke (SHS) exposure causes heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer in nonsmoking adults and suden infant death syndrome, middle ear infections, and severe asthma in children. As well, this has caused more than 41,000 deaths among US nonsmokers.…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Digital Dementia

    We are living in a world that is constantly growing due to the ever changing world of technology. It’s becoming a social norm to see young children walking around with cell phones, tablets, etc. Technology has overtaken our culture and children are learning at a very early age how to use technology for different forms of entertainment. The constant exposure to this stimuli is causing major physical health issues (obesity and senses), psychological health issues (narcissism and…

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  • The Influence Of Social Media On Colleges And Universities

    Social media has helped a lot throughout the years as technology has advanced. It has helped people in many ways from communicating, looking for a college or university, and business. Social media has helped the community by being more extensive with communication. Back in the old times, there were no smart phones. When someone called you would just pick up the phone and said, “Hello.” It would be hard to communicate with people in some occasions. You might have been stuck in traffic, run into a…

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  • Eula Eiss's 'Time And Distance Overcome'

    on “Time and Distance Overcome” In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated his telephone that helped people communicate over longer distance. However, with this invention also followed multiple problems. Problems which Eula Biss’ essay “Time and distance overcome” from 2008, recounts. In the essay she focusses on the different aspects of the telephone and especially the telephone pole, and why the history of the telephone pole might not be as stainless as one might think The essay is divided…

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  • Advantages Of Face To Face Communication

    the most primary method of communication has been the face to face communication (1). In fact, for an extensive time, face-to-face communication was the only method ever used. As the time passed many new methods came along with the use of letters, telephone calls, and emails. Even though with the improvements in such type communication, nothing like other types of communication has been able to change or replace the face-to-face method. Face to face communication is better than any other types…

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  • Verbal Communication Observation

    While on break at my job in Panera, I observed the mannerisms of a couple sitting at a table across the dining room. They couple seemed a little bit younger than me, maybe in their senior year of high school. They were holding hands across the table and their eye contact was heavily placed on each other. They ate their meal in a neat fashion, being cautious of making a mess. Moreover, they had very polite tableside manners. The only time I caught the boy checking his phone was when his partner…

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