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  • Background Of The Morse Code

    The Morse Code was invented by Samuel Morse in 1836. It was developed and worked on between 1830s and 1840s. The Morse code is a method of sending messages, that consist of sounds by telegraphs and radio operators. These messages are send through a wire or radio. This system is made up of a series of dashes, dots, short signals, long signals and spaces. These different signs all represent letters, numbers, punctuation marks and other types of symbols. This code was used by the military and…

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  • Art Analysis: The Bedroom By Vincent Van Gogh

    Being able to experience the artwork The Bedroom by Vincent van Gogh was truly incredible. A person should take the opportunity to be able to experience a visit to an art museum because it is incredible to see so many different types of artwork. A person simply can not get everything out of a piece of artwork by simply look at their phone. There are many important visual and design elements that are incorporated to this piece of artwork. Each of them have a specific role on what they achieve to…

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  • The Influence Of Advertising In Today's Society

    Frank Lloyd Wright has stated that, “if [technology] keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger.” In other words, he is saying that some people would prefer to let every other limb in their body go to waste and deteriorate, but they would be content since they would still have their finger to use a phone and or computer with. The way technology is advertised in today’s society has pressured its audience to feel as if they have to keep up and move at the speed that it…

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  • Lee Green Radio Research Paper

    Lee de Forest, also known as ‘Father of Radio Broadcasting’ and some of his peers were one of the first people to send a public radio broadcast, the broadcast was sent from the Eiffel Tower. The radio is the single best invention out of all the inventions our class discussed. Firstly, the radio gave us communication for when satisfactory moment happen or when dissatisfactory events happens. The radio saved countless lives when people were in life threatening situations. Secondly, the radio…

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  • Comparing Thomas Edison And Piscine Patel's Life Of Pi

    Piscine Patel, a young teen from India, has an unexpected journey with failure and accomplishment involved. Thomas Edison, a young inventor from the late 1800’s, went through many struggles and triumphs in his process of inventing the lightbulb. Piscine and Edison both followed a similar path that soon led to them both being successful. As they were working towards that goal, errors, mistakes, and trouble occurred. Trying hard enough should, in the end, led you to success. Thomas Edison and…

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  • Transportation Industry In The 19th Century

    Carnegie was also the best known manufacturer which led to building skyscrapers, bridges, and trains. During the second half of the 19th century, there was another invention that helped businesses’ expand. This invention was the telephone and electricity. The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Circuit Switching

    The user can get rid of the cost of keeping their regular telephone service (FCC). The user can also take some VoIP services with them when travelling and use them as long as they have an internet connection (FCC). Cons(Implement into paragraph) VoIP is dependent on having power, so if the power goes out that…

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  • Sympathy In Steven Avery's Making A Murderer

    He says, “I am really stupid” (Ep.4) twice in this conversation, capitalizing on his mother’s feelings of hopelessness and his inability to understand the complete situation. For the viewer to offer sympathy, just like the case with Steven Avery, he or she needs to examine his personality in conjunction with the accusations. Just like Avery, Brendan is portrayed as incapable of critical thinking and is similar child that has to be interrogated by the contrastingly intelligent police. Although…

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  • Darton Maverick Compound Bow Summary

    Darton Maverick Compound Bow ReviewMany users of the Darton Maverick Compound Bow feel that this is one company that prided itself on engineering but had absolutely no clue as to how to market their great products. Those who are owners of the Darton series swear by the greatness of the bow and in order for you to truly appreciate how great a Darton compound bow can be you will need to take a look at the specifics of the model. The Darton Maverick comes with draw lengths ranging between 27"-…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey Through The Eyes Of Lamott

    This day and age it is uncommon for you not to have a smartphone with 4G wireless boosts and ten thousand different appliances that connect to the ever so wonderful wireless unit. Whenever I am uncomfortable or in an awkward situation I find myself looking at my phone, hoping that someone will text me or that Facebook will give me something that could fill that void that I feel when I am uncomfortable or feeling awkward. I find that I could relate to Lamott when this happens to me. Lamott…

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