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  • Thomas Edison's Greatest Inventions

    The automobile is an invention that allows people to travel faster. It was built by Karl Benz, a German engine designer, and automobile engineer. He built it in 1885. it somehow made its way to the U.S. At first people did not think of them as anything useful; they were more like toys. It was unreliable and expensive. Henry Ford improved the machines and lowered the cost. Eventually, they saw its use and began to like it. This is a great machine, it has great use. It allows traveling to become…

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  • Pestle Analysis: Pestel Analysis Of Telecom

    PESTEL Analysis PESTAL stands for: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal aspect of the industry. WE will look at each aspect one by one. Political Telecom industry started in 1950s in India with the introduction of telegraph . We can divide history of telecom into three different eras. 1) Pre-liberalization1 This era last till 1980s when liberalization took place. In this era having telephone was a status symbol rather than being a utility product. The number of…

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  • How Did Fukuzawa Yukizawa Influence Western Culture

    Fukuzawa Yukichi was a lower station samurai from Nakatsu, Japan. He wanted to rise vertically on the class rank ladder, which was seemingly impossible in Japan. He thought that Japan was stuck in it’s traditional roots. During the time period western countries and the rest of the world were passing Japan by with new innovations and knowledge. The solution he proposed to solve this issue was education on Western society to create a national independence through personal independence for Japan…

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  • Amusing Ourselves To Death Summary

    too consumed in its epistemology. Postman starts the book by showing historical facts in the first part of the book and describes the effects of media in American life throughout the second part of the book. Television, along with photography and telegraphy, is affecting human values and their critical thinking skills. Postman focuses mostly on the “serious discourses” involving politics, education, science, religion, and news.…

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  • The Changing Roles Of Women During World War II

    World War II took place from 1939-1945. It was a war in which women had to take on responsibilities that had previously been unavailable to them to compensate for the roles of men whilst they were away at war. The impact of World War II had repercussions for Australian society. The changing roles of women during World War II impacted upon both Australian women and men. Prior to World War II women had an insignificant role within society and previous wars. The Second South African Anglo-Boer War…

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  • Social Construction Of Technology Analysis

    Technology is indispensable part of modern life without no doubt. Human have technology in every part of our lives from industry to our shoes. At this point this questions is asked how has technology been human’s indispensable. There are three views to explain this question. First answer is that technology came into human life and shape our life unquestioned. This view is named as technological determinism. Second answer is that people develop technology with their choices, comments and etc. and…

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  • How Did Technology Influence The Development Of Airpower

    The invention of steel, gunpowder and other technologies of war changed the battlefields throughout the history, but none so dramatically as innovations of airpower. Those innovations are the main cause that gave birth of a unique military capabilities only airpower can provide; among other, to attack directly enemy targets from the air regardless of their location, and to observe from the air.1 Today’s includes all available relevant technology for commanders to use in air, space, and…

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  • Wireless Communication: The Evolution Of Human Society

    The unique ability of communication i.e. conveying information has made possible the evolution of human society. The history of communication shows mankind`s search for ways to express itself, to gain knowledge and to prosper. Lives of humans are related to each other. Initially, the most challenging task for a man was to put forth his thoughts. It was impossible to convey one`s thoughts through gestures and body language thus words were invented. Thoughts can be portrayed in the form of words…

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  • How Did Nikola Tesla Contribute To Engineering

    to way above a million volts” (Hearst 96). Dangerously, the voltages are then emitted in the form of electrical arcs. These “arcs” are what we see as mini lightning bolts (Hearst 96). They were generally used for radio transmitters and wireless telegraphy. Tesla Coils harness the energy to create extremely powerful electric fields. The fields can then be used to wirelessly light up light bulbs, although they may be burned out (Hearst 96). Nikola Tesla’s Tesla Coils became so popular that the…

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  • War And Nihilism Analysis

    Part II: Nihilism and its Relation to War, Modernism, Religion, Socialism, Marxism and Communism War and Nihilism While war can be profitable to those in power as a way of strengthening their power and auhority, but its outcomes is nothing but misery and poverty for the people. The loss of lands, the establishment of new territories, displacement, depopulation, separation of the family members, death and devastation, the destruction of economic and social structures of the country, famine,…

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